FOSS vs proprietary software explained with stunning visuals in a 15-minute video created by BeMemorable:

@unfa ironically, I see no info on the license of this video...

@rysiek Well, the topic is free software - free culture is an adjacent, but separate movement.

@unfa this is true. and yet they are connected and related.

@unfa the music in that video was pretty cool. Who made it?

@unfa This kind of videos in platforms such as Youtube are themself a bit of contradiction...

@marcelcosta If the FOSS folk stopped using YouTube, we'd only harm the cause, because no one would ever hear from us again. YouTube is a public space where you can get a lot of attention. We do not have anything that could replace that. PeerTube is getting you 2% of the views at best. People on YouTube need us to talk to them about FOSS. They can't follow us elsewhere just yet. As there's hardly anywhere else to go.

@unfa Yes, I didn't say I don't understand the reasons behind, just pointing out the contradiction we have. While it's true that we have to cross our "self" bubble to reach new public, I don't know if only using the tools of the capitalism will be effective. Maybe we should try to force us to use as a primary Video resource a free software option (may be Peertube or LBRY) and as a complementary one youtube. And stating this in the videos. Otherwise we will be tied to youtube for ever.
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