I can't believe though that when they got to the content creator part, they didn't say ANYTHING about DaVinci Resolve being on Linux!

@micahbp @unfa they didn't talk about music production either, (like ardour, zrythm, reaper, bitwig etc..)and lots of other stuff as well. btw apart from not being a FOSS, reaper is a fantastic DAW, very flexible and extreme customization. i have used it a little. its also way cheaper than other proprietary DAW's in the market.

So true! Many great DAWs on Linux! Heck, I'd also add Fairlight to that list.

@micahbp That's true, it'd make sense for them to mention that.

That and Lightworks. Two incredible industry proven pieces of software.

@unfa What bothers me is that you wouldn't believe how many people think this Linus from Linus Tech Tips is "Linus Torvalds." No, this is Linus: youtube.com/watch?v=MShbP3OpAS.

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