Mid-roll ads are going to get auto-enabled on all videos longer than 8 minutes.

I've found that it's possible to opt-out of YouTube automatically adding mid-roll ads to all of my videos longer than 8 minutes.

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@wolf480pl Well, everyone will have to disable them manually. It's gonna be a nice revenue boost for YouTube I guess.

@unfa oof.
But still not as oof as it could've been if it was impossible to disable.

@unfa wait until they demonitize you. Then you get two mid-roll ads.

And weren't they the ones that started encouraging videos over 10 minutes for you to get put in the play queue?

@souldessin I don't follow the trends. I don't care about monetization that much, because the generous community on Patreon and Liberapay keeps me independent :)

@unfa still, it chafes me that they create a president that they then use as a basis to require more ads.

I mean, I use an ad-blocker, but still.

@unfa Google, as always. Good time to move to PeerTube

@PorrurenGrabatokia Well, sadly almost nobody watches my videos on PeerTube so far, so quitting YouTube would be a suicide for my videos.
Thanks to @gcrkrause the are available on PeerTube (and also on LBRY), but I think it's more of a backup than a real alternative right now. At least that what the numbers tell me.

@unfa @PorrurenGrabatokia @gcrkrause what about LBRY? they seem to be the most reasonable option to me

@unfa @PorrurenGrabatokia @gcrkrause

Btw you still mention the wrong account ;)

Besides this I expect the viewers count to be far below the actual value

@gcrkrause @PorrurenGrabatokia Argh! Mastodon suggests me your other account :D Maybe I'm following it and not the correct one - I'll try to fix that.

Do you mean that the view counts displayed are not accurate?

@unfa The other one is from an old server which is not alive anymore.

Yes, I guess Peertube cannot be accurate due to its peer to peer access to videos. The displayed number is more like an minimum.

The channel has 35 subscriptions

@gcrkrause Hmm. I wonder if this view counting can be improved - I know TouTube also has to deal with decentralization, because one central server couldn't stream all the video from YouTube worldwide. That's why the view counts update with some delay when they are numerous.

@unfa Well I am not that much involved, but its a huge difference between decentralization and peer to peer. If you watch a video, you can stream it to me. This way no server ever gets information about my view. Besides this I doubt that all peertube hosts know all others to inform them about views.

There might be a way to improve, especially you have the funding of youtube, though.

@unfa also YouTube most likely has unique identifiers for each user making it easy to distinguish between two views.

@gcrkrause Hm. I see. And as always anonimity is a big point, so I guess creating unique viewer IDs (cookies?) and sending pings to the source server to help tracking the views is not something that the PeerTube users or devs would want?

@unfa @gcrkrause # of views vs. # of subscribers could be two different arguments. When someone views a video, it could be a matter of informing the home server that a view took place. It doesn't matter who the viewer is, just that the video was viewed, so, still anonymous yet # views tracked. For subscribers, it'd be more important to track who subscribed to have an accurate count.

@jazzyeagle @unfa if you have no user ID and a user pauses and restarts playback it would be counted twice. Just one example why this won't work anonymously.

Besides this, you don't won't to count on the source host because if this goes offline everything is gone. This would break the decentralisation.

@gcrkrause @unfa If the person downloads/buffers the entire video, then pausing/resuming would not impact the counts. Another idea is each time someone loads the page to watch a video, a unique hash is generated, and the counts could be made by unique hashes.

@jazzyeagle @unfa maybe the better question is whether view counts are important at all. We are used to social networks quantifying all out activities, but does it really matter in the end?

@gcrkrause @unfa For people who are creating content with the expressed purpose of helping others, I can see the value of the counts. It helps the creator know that their work is valued. Nothing is worse than creating something for others to enjoy and not have anyone enjoy it.

@jazzyeagle @unfa i think interactions in events or the chat are much more meaningful in this case than views. I can see why its interesting, but not how it would have impact


Have you advertised your PeerTube account around for a while? I'm not subscribed on yt but on PeerTube i would. Building following on fediverse takes time the same way as on yt.

Since the amount of ads is continously increasing on yt I expect more and more people moving to fediverse/PT. If they continue adding features like that (incl. streaming) they'll become serious competitor, the Linux-way. I'm a believer!

@PorrurenGrabatokia @gcrkrause

@unfa Finally, YouTubers will stop trying to hit the ten minute mark and just go for eight minutes instead.

@mewmew I honestly can't see how that's gonna change the landcape :D

@mewmew @unfa and then we won't have to sit through nearly as much if you have premium or adblock

@unfa "This is the most critical moment of the surgery. Carefully make an incision in the artery, and then, quickly, move the-- BRRRRT BUY A FUCKING WENDEYS NEW TRIPLE POUNDER DELUXE ROYALE WITH CHEESE ONLY AT WENDEYS"

@unfa end of July? On my TV YT-app I have faced that already since ~1 week. Its getting more and more annoying. I usually not skipped the ads on TV, because I see what they are used for. But that?....

...Huh? I've never seen any ad in a video except at the very end. What are these "mid-roll ads"?

@unfa As a viewer I 🙁 the recent jump in ads. And I'd put up with non-skippable ads at the start if it meant non-interruptions.

@unfa uBlock Origin seems to solve any and all YT ads for me, so far...

@unfa Good way to push even more people to finding alternative methods for watching that completely side-step the ads.

@OberstKrueger Most viewers have no idea of any alternatives, they'll just get mildly annoyed at most IMO.

@unfa Most, for sure. I wouldn't be surprised to see it push a few to finding alternatives, and some others to just watch less overall. Which is a poor situation for those creating stuff and putting it up on YouTube, but...

@unfa Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler from Discworld was supposed to be a parody :/

@stevenroose @fribbledom I think the biggest problem with right now is fragmentation and (un-)searchability of content.
It works great if you have a link to what you want to watch, but 99% of the time - you won't, and you'll need to search, and you'll not find anything. I am unable to find my own videos on PeerTube by any means - only think I can do is find my own Mastodon posts with links to the PeerTube instance my videos are in. This isn't gonna work. PeerTube needs to solve this.

@unfa @fribbledom Global search is on the #PeerTube roadmap they are currently raising money for:
So gentle nudge to donate some (no disclaimer, I'm not related in any way)

@unfa automatic opt-in? I know some channels that might not be happy about that.

@unfa With the right blocking rules, you never see a damn ad. I haven't. The moment I do, I'll just rip them directly so I can skip it.

@unfa I'm really curious if their new strategy of adding a billion ads to every video will translate in people paying for youtube, because in my case it just has decreased my youtube usage

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