Are you using linked regions in ?

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I'm asking because this feature is enabled by default, and I wonder if it should be kept like that. More details:

@unfa tbf i'm still learning to use ardour in my defense

@unfa wait, is it not toggleable on a region by region basis?

If it's enabled, every copy of midi region is linked and you can unlink it.
I don't know if it can be done the other way around .

@rghvdberg @snailerotica It can't. There's noway to choose to link regions or duplicate them linked. It's either all or nothing.

@unfa I find it quite annoying, since i usually make some copies of a region. When i then want to make a tiny change to one of the copies, all the other copies are changed too, which is NOT what i want in 99% of the cases.
Imo the linking should be disabled by default.

I hope I remember it corrrectly:

1. Session > Properties > Misc > MIDI > MIDI region copies are independent
2. Click on "Use these settings as defaults" to have this on for all future sessions you'll create.

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