Try uploading a 20 Hz - 20 kHz sine sweep to Soundcloud and let me know if it get's taken down for copyright violation (LOL).
So far no success.

@unfa ...indeed it has removed the upload:

-- quote --
Hi ∿ und̷e̷l̷ě̷t̷e̷d̷,

It looks like your track

"Sine sweep from 20hz to 20khz, 30 seconds"

might contain or be a copy of "Super Secret Of Soundsville Song" by The Powerpuff Girls, which is owned by owned by Rhino Records P&D in certain territories.

As a result, your track has been removed from your profile for the time being.

-- unquote --

#SoundCloud #ContentId

@unfa @kof @luka Filed a dispute; already a quite unpleasant experience - first it asks about my gender and age, then a full address, phone number, etc. Also the process is framed in a way that is clearly broken - there is no options about public domain, fair use or "music theory 101 - uncopyrightable". This has a very unpleasant feeling of a dystopian Orwellian bureaucracy to it. And how absurd the screen shots look given the upload title. I guess time to say "No Thanks" to SoundCloud as well.

@unfa @kof @luka oops, forgot to add description to the last screen shot; reposting again with added description.

@setthemfree @kof @luka Thank you for going through with this. I'm unfortunately out of upload time, so I can't do the same, though I think it could have an effect if we had hundreds of people doing the same!

@unfa @kof @luka It was an interesting experiment. I'm curious - where did the idea come from? Has anybody tried this elsewhere?

@setthemfree @kof @luka I wanted to test if SoundCloud introduces aliasing on high frequency content, and asked someone to upload a sine sweep that I've prepared. Turned out he wasn't able to. I've also reversed the sine sweep but it also got taken down.

@unfa @kof @luka They have unblocked the upload; it's a pity one has to go through this kind of digital "prove you are not guilty on our terms" process on a false positive. And I'm curious what about all the other false positives - are they somehow unblocked too if they hit the same "content id"? Here's the upload:

@setthemfree @unfa @luka nothing new that SC is doing recoding.. maybe some other adjustments as well, at least they dont claim the sweep as copyright abuse )) lol

@kof @setthemfree @luka They do, unless you go through a appeal form and give them your age and gender.

@bumbervevo Maybe it's really good idea to create your own website and throw your music to funkywhale of just plain audio files like ogg.

@apoorv569 That's right! Because some tracks contain some similar sweeps - such a generic and content-free audio file gets flagged as a copyright violation. I wonder what would happen if I tried to uploade white noise...
I wanted to inspect Soundcloud's audio encoding quality and trade-offs, but it was unexpectedly prevented by ContentID...

@unfa I HATE content ID. Sure, the idea behind it is good but the system is so broken. So easy to do stuff like this.

@blackfire I haven't tried YouTube yet, and that's probably gonna work the same way.

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