In case you're using Sfizz - probably the best FOSS LV2 SFZ sampler - you may want to star it on Github - the devs are very close to 100 stars which'll grant them crowdfunding powers there. I've realized I haven't starred it yet, so I've fixed it - maybe you're like me :)

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@unfa Never heard of it before now, but it's FOSS and Linux Audio, so I'm starring it anyway. :)

If I ever get back to recording (which I seem to struggle doing for some reason), I most likely will give it a try.

@jazzyeagle One of my monthly livestreams was dedicated to using Sfizz to make an orchestral piece of music in Ardour:

@unfa I'll have to take a look at it, then. Sadly, I'm behind in watching your videos. I seriously need to catch up.

@apoorv569 They're already at 103 now, wow :D iInthink it was about 84 earlier today.

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