Do all FPS games use invisible ramps for stairs? I am wondering if game movement should fake the stair traversal with invisible colliders, or is there a way to make the player character glide up actual stair geometry without requiring fakery or causing glitches?

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@unfa I really want to see this. A game where stairs are walked like stair. Please!

@unfa For most first-person games, and most games in general, it's more convenient to have a ramp. Some games do implement complex character controllers that allow for individually stepping on stairs and such. Assassin's Creed comes to mind.

What would be the reason to make the character "glide" up stairs without fakery, as you put it? Especially if it's an FPS where you might not even see your feet.

@unfa In Minecraft the character alternates between going up and going sideways, dunno if that's a good enough solution for you tho.

I think making stairs any more realistic than that would make the mechanics less predictable, and more glitchy and annoying.

Compare ladders in HL1 / CS1.6 to ladders in HL2. HL2 has fancier ones, but in the heat of a moment, HL1's are way easier to use.

@unfa Yeah, but imagine if this meant that stairs had to be walked up *correctly*! 😂 Imagine if every time you hit a stairwell you had to demonstrate some impressive techskill just to get up the stairs without tripping

@hakanto Well, no I thought about making a player controller that'd automatically ramp the movement between step peaks. I have some idea how that could work, but maybe it's not work the hassle...

@unfa What you're proposing sounds cool! I was simply joking around, thinking about the humor of a game where the most technical gameplay moments were just getting up and down the game's stairwells 😁

@unfa Red Dead Redemption II is 3rd-person by default but you can change it to first person. You walk up stairs closer to normal than what you usually experience. It was noticeable.

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