In case you don't know - is a fully-featured free, open-source, self-hostable, E2E encrypted video conferencing service.

You don't need Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Discord!

Choose privacy and freedom!

@unfa or Zoom, which is used by our University :( Jitsi UX\UX is by far more superior IMO.

@unfa and it actually works nicely. The delay is so small it feels like you're not talking through the internet

@unfa I'll be switching to Jitsi for my podcasts, I've been having issues with Discord video calls where every so often the other persons mic will just cut out, it's happened with multiple people so I don't know what the deal is.

@unfa there is also #BigBlueButton which is more suited for online seminars beacause of the presentation features. With #Senfcall we offer a free-of-charge (donation based) and free-as-in-freedom #videoconference platform, that is based on BBB. We want to make private video conferences available to everyone. Therefore, our service can be used without registration. You can try it at

@unfa thanks, Unfa. You are right we do not need WhatsApp, Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, or even Discord.

I use Jitsi for my online teaching for 1 year now and I am purely satisfied. I teach computing with fully free software in my country. For conversations and file sharing I use Telegram. For screen sharing I use Jitsi. I can say Jitsi works across my country archipelago, Indonesia.

PS: here's my note if you're curious.

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