A wide look at upcoming changes to the free and open-source creative toolset. Very exciting stuff! (retooting as previously I've posted a wrong link)


Yay! \o/ I was very sad when it looked like it was a Discord link.

@Blort @unfa maybe it was one of those tracking links that a few platforms so annoyingly use?
I have seen it a lot in slack and google.

@falktx @unfa

All I know is that I was like "Ooohhh... that sounds interesting... <clicks> Ugh. Discord. Nope!"

@falktx @Blort No, I mistakenly shared a link to the Discord message where someone has shared this link, instead of the link itself. Sorry about that.

@unfa ooo TIL about Siril - free astrophotography image processing tool.

also some very exciting developments in the CAD, video editor, and DAW spaces

@professor_stoke Yes, I'm really glad someone compiled it all this article. People can find new amazing software they haven't heard about!

@unfa Microsoft is crap...Linux ANYTHING FTW!! It will get leaps better because imagination in a enabler, will zoom
right past Microcrap soon enough!!

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