Finally a simple interface for youtube-dl for the `normies`.

This should be spread as far and wide as possible to remove the need to people to use some shady websites to download YT content.


That's a a bit too bare imo.
Tartube which uses youtube-dl in backend has a lot more options

@xgqt you missed the "Finally a simple interface for youtube-dl for the normies."

@unfa @xgqt @hoergen can we s/normies/dummies/ or is that too much? 😝

youtube-dl CLI usage is one of the simplest I have ever come across (when we compare to the amount of options it has). compared to something like gstreamer or ffmpeg, youtube-dl is a no-brainer. it is like, good CLI UX, if that makes sense..

@falktx @xgqt @hoergen Still, some people (especially Windows users) would benefit from not having to use the commandline to use free software alternatives to these shady websites...
I mean - I use yt-download all the time from therminal, but I understand for some people this might be an unpenetrable barrier to entry.


tartube has a exe too, just check releases downloads :P

@unfa I would say so... until I tried powershell. it does basically what a bash shell does on linux, plus some fancy programming stuff on top.

I have seen people using CLI for loading up old MS-DOS games and emulators, it is really not that complex if there is a guide to accompany that tool.


Keep in mind that it's a question of priorities. The command line is no longer the standard computer interface, and most people just want the job done. Forcing them to invest the time to become comfortable with the command line isn't going to work. It just drives them to less-demanding solutions, like the abovementioned shady sites.


youtube-dl CLI has much too much options, even for a techy like me while only using it occasionally.
@unfa @xgqt @hoergen

@kirschwipfel it can do a lot of things, so it seems normal to have many options. that does not make it very complicated IMO, just more featureful.

That is a really good example how the view of Nerd people differs from none Nerd people. Simple in "nerd terms" is complicated for other people.
Try it yourself when you start explaining how to do something and your first words are "open a console" Then watch the face reaction of the one you are explaining for.

@unfa something we geeks may miss, or even refuse to accept:
normies will keep using shady websites because those website likely WORK ON MOBILE.

Some people don't have access to a computer and they can't afford to buy one, but they may own a shitty smartphone. That's another thing we computer geeks may forget.

@pixelflowers I think it'd be best if you'd report that in the GitHub repository.


I'd appreciate some help with installing it and running under Mint 20.1 I get "invalid syntax" message.
Looks like I've already got installed Python 3 with Mint.

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