Finally a simple interface for youtube-dl for the `normies`.

This should be spread as far and wide as possible to remove the need to people to use some shady websites to download YT content.


That's a a bit too bare imo.
Tartube which uses youtube-dl in backend has a lot more options

@unfa something we geeks may miss, or even refuse to accept:
normies will keep using shady websites because those website likely WORK ON MOBILE.

Some people don't have access to a computer and they can't afford to buy one, but they may own a shitty smartphone. That's another thing we computer geeks may forget.

@pixelflowers I think it'd be best if you'd report that in the GitHub repository.


I'd appreciate some help with installing it and running under Mint 20.1 I get "invalid syntax" message.
Looks like I've already got installed Python 3 with Mint.

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