MuseScore already has this crap in!
We need to get this stuff reverted.
Muse Group has to stop using Google Analytics and Yandex if they want to work on FOSS.

@unfa Holy heck, I don't think I've ever seen such a negative reaction to a PR before

@andi @unfa The hate counter is accelerating. 1394... 1398...

@y6nH while I don't think the PR should go in (for multiple reasons), I do kinda feel like sending that person some love. I haven't read all of it, but nobody deserves having to deal with stuff like .

@raboof Absolutely, no need to get offensive about it.

There's a proper response on the PR now, clarifying that it's only on GitHub builds (so not if you install it through a repo), and disabled by default.

@andi Neither have I, but I think it's completely warranted, and I'd be worried if I didn't see such a reaction to be honest. I trust the new maintainers will realize this is not the way the community wants to go.

@unfa @andi I've never seen such a flameless and.civilized negative reaction to a PR before

@unfa I wish there will be a new Open Source Audio Recording software that will come out if this becomes a thing.

@unfa No need to revert, it's not been merged yet. Agree it shouldn't be there though ;)

@benofbrown it has been already there since some months now. See

So since they already use google analytics for Musescore, kinda makes sense for them to add it for Audacity, no?

Not that I am defending them, but I think we are too late.
The way they are handling the whole thing makes me think they have future plans for Audacity besides this.

"Musescore Pro" is already a thing "Audacity Pro" next?

@benofbrown @unfa Wow, Google and Yandex. I really hope the Arch Linux package maintainers keep their eyes open on things like this. 🤞

@nicemicro @benofbrown Well, maybe if Audacity and Musescore get dropped from repos of major distros, then the Muse Group will listen... Maybe. If they care about Linux people...

@unfa If they want to get dropped from debian that's a good way of going about it...

@unfa @benofbrown Because it's free and open source software, the repo maintainers can also decide to gut the surveillance code and build the binary without it. updated pr desc says .. they still insist using GA and Yandex even its opt-in and disabled by default

@unfa what a deep shit! cannot say I used it much, but in case I need to build it I will patch the code to remove this crap.
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