In case you need to test network speed, but want to use something FOSS:

@unfa I tend to always use LibreSpeed, though one thing I noticed with it, is that it doesn't always properly max out the bandwidth (yet) due to the servers not always being able to provide the capacity.

Though of, as with, this should change as more providers hop on (though I wish they'd add a better way to select your provider).

i like to use this internet speed test

it is open source and the collected performance data is published as open data

in germany, i also like to use which is open source and provided by a government agency, so they see how well the internet works is from my ISP and has a direct connection and the best result


As someone involved in the project - we are always grateful for people, companies or organizations that want to provide an endpoint for us. In exchange - you'll have you name published in the list.

If you are lucky and located near a server that is not utilized that much - you get more accurate result.

So if you know a telco anything like that with spare bandwith - ask them to help us out :)


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