I saw people worried about causing death. My wife is a doctor so I asked her.

It's complicated, but the general takeaway is: all medicine has risk involved. Just like driving a car or even walking near a roadway. Yet the risk vs reward ratio is usually such that we decide to use medicine. In people who don't have strong independent risk factors vaccines should not cause issues. There's always outliers, but generally vaccines save way, way more lives than they cost.

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@unfa I find it quite sad that we even have to debate this.

All around awesome dude "hbomberguy" has a very nice and extensive video about this.
Cant recommend it enough.

@unfa Well, it is complicated indeed. Before taking any medicine one should make a risk benefit analysis. When people simply trust their doctors you get fun things like the opioid crisis in the US. Anyway, it is worrying that a not approved medicine (all under emergency approval) is forced on everybody by social pressure or with bribes. It is like the drug dealers have overtaken the #WHO ...

@dmk The problem with vaccines is that they are most effective once a sufficient percentage of the population gets them. This is partially because people with immune system disabilities (or diseases) have a very low chance of surviving if they get infected, no matter what.The only way to protect them is to vaccinate everyone else to prevent infection.

About the "not approved" state of the COVID vaccines - I don't know where that info comes from.

This sounds good to me:

@unfa Well, you refer to herd immunity. Interestingly, before 2020 you could reach that naturally as well. Since then, the WHO redefined it, so now vaccines are our only salvation.

All COVID vaccines are currently under emergency approval. You take part in the ongoing clinical trials, when you get jabbed.

When I show you a website from Microsoft or Apple about their efforts in data privacy, I guess they would sound good as well. You might argue that the WHO is a UNO-organisation and cannot be compared to private companies. But how would you feel if the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation would fund 10% of the FSF?

@dmk Another factor is - the vaccine is badly needed if we want to avoid a global economical collapse, as it's the only way to avoid being stuck in endless lockdowns killing more and more businesses, leaving more and more people unemployed and struggling to feed their families.
I think what would ensue is riots, violence and a global cataclysm of hunger and disease.
Not fun. I'd rather take a vaccine that may not be as thoroughly tested as would be optimal, than go through the other scenario.

@unfa Well, problem, reaction, solution. The endless lockdowns are the administered reaction and as solution we get the best deal for the pharma-industrial complex in a hundred years, as well as a totalitarian surveillance state on top.

I know, it is easier to follow our leaders and not to question the narrative. And we followed them again and again, into all the illegal wars, into bank bailouts, into the dismantling of our social systems. But now, they are concerned about our health...

Sorry, that was a bit gloomy. Anyway, be vigilant, fight for software freedom and make great music!

@dmk I understand the point of view you're showing here. I generally refrain from talking politics, as I don't consider myself knowegable enough to say anything of value. I have talked to my wife, who is a doctor (and we both have pretty cynical view on the gov'ts) so I asked her about the vaccine-caused deaths. I felt her insight is very valuable and I decided to share that bit.

Thank you for this discussion - I'll get back to work now, there's videos waiting to be edited ;)

@unfa All right. By the way, I share the general viewpoint of your wife. I am just quite critical about the current shenanigans, as you have noticed. Although I value our exchange of thoughts, I am also looking forward to these videos. So, please go on :)

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