The Libre Music Challenge is a friendly competition happening every month, where partakers make a piece of music on a given theme or using a given open-source tool and enjoy the creativity and learning that ensues! After the submission deadline is up, everyone votes to pick a winner! (There's no prizes handed out other than the eternal glory as a LMC winner).

This month''s theme is: THE 80s Synthwave / Newwave.

@unfa sounds great! 🙂

Just one question: could the topic be more generic for us non-electronic musicians? Would love to take part in, let's say 'Make an 80s song'. But I'm not really a synth person.

@FrankyFire The topics are different every month and are a result of the discussions among people taking part :)

@unfa oh, I see. So I will join the discussion. Topic might be brutal death metal next month 😜

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