Librespeed is an open-source, clean alternative to services like


@unfa I use an iperf3 instance I run on my VPS, but this is also cool.

@10leej Not everyone has a VPS. I am sure the grand majority of people don't even know what that is.

@unfa Many thanks. I'll keep that one in my toolbox. The only negative is the lack of any nearby servers on which to test, at least for someone west of Toronto, Ontario. Still, the pings to New York are only so bad.

@unfa nice one! But I want a server in New Zealand because it is literally on the other side of the world and really stresses ISP interconnects.

@unfa Got the tip with #Librespeed here on #Mastodon and since then I don't use any other service.

@unfa Download 56.9 Mbps
Upload 96.6 Mbps
It is via IPv6. Great!

However, it would be better to test parallelly speeds via both IPv4 and IPv6.

#librespeed #speedtest #IPv4 #IPv6

@unfa Thank you for this link. So far I used, cause it was the only one I found without Ads. But I'll give that one a try.


We do use it very often to test our network infrastructure. It's great ! 😁

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