Doing live streams can feel the worst, you give so much energy and then at the end there's silence and you're on your own and have no idea what really just happened.
If you want to make someone happy send them a message to say you liked their live stream


@yaxu It is difficult at the beginning, when no one is watching yet and you have no following. Then it's difficult because people are watching and you feel pressure to deliver. Maybe try to treat this as a training stage, where you can mess up all you want, and try different things? If you keep doing cool stuff and telling everyone - people will show up :)

@unfa ah I mean people are watching but when they are not physically present you don't get feedback

@yaxu Ah, I see. Well the live chat is the only way you get feedback from your viewers most of the time. Unless you host multiplayer game they can join :D

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