I've just finished a new project for my 3D portfolio.
Made with Blender, Inkscape and GIMP. If you're frequenting my monthly livestreams, you may recognize this device ;)

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@syscrash Thanks! I made this for a job recruitment task :)

@unfa I like the milk stain on the top, much details wow says Kabosu.

@unfa really good job ! And pretty much the same espresso machine as mine ( a Krups ) lol 👍👍

@memiks I have made this based on a coffee machine I own, but mine is branded DeLonghi :D

Al these small imperfections and dirt are perfect. 👍

@zorglubu Thanks! Yeah, I'm very happy with the water residue spots and the various stains. They are mostly procedural as well :)

@unfa Nice Job, impressed !
Blender is a wonderful tool !

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