Zrythm is steadily building up towards something really exciting: a modern, flexible, open-source, Linux-native DAW focused on electronic music production.

It's not there yet, but looking at how Alex is churning out code - I think in a few years it'll rival both Ardour and LMMS in the computer music domain.

Go @zrythm !

@unfa @zrythm sounds cool but I'll be honest I have no idea what I'm looking at. Lighted most of what I've ever done with audio is just noise cancelation and amplification in audacity.

Wow... sounds interesting :) I'll try it :) Thanks for the tip!

@unfa @zrythm @b847c1960 wow this is exciting! the modulation system is the most interesting feature for me. will definitely check this out!

@unfa @zrythm
Zrythm is fantstic! MIDI works fine.
The Audiofunctionality is no existent. There is a lot of work to do on the audio side.
But still it looks as zrythm could be a mindblowing DAW.
Looking forward for a beta Release.

@unfa @zrythm sadly, latest release just crashes upon startup (appimage)

@prokoudine @unfa appimage build is experimental and doesn't work on some systems

@unfa @zrythm The UI is basically what was proposed a few years ago to be the new LMMS UI. But, between delays, disagreements, and them having to rework way too much under the hood, it looks like Zrhythm is beating them to it. I still love (at least the idea of) LMMS, but we’ll see where this goes.

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