My new video is here! This is a 2-hour live presentation I did for students in February 2022.

It's intended as a beginner introduction to the world of FOSS audio production. Enjoy and remember that you sharing it can make all the difference :)

@gub Yeah, sorry - PeerTube makes the links live even though it didn't finish transcoding. You can however download the video from it (in higher quality!).

@unfa I'll see if I can find the time to watch this 😃 I'm not good with music and stuff, but I've always wondered how it can be done the #FOSS way 👍🏻

@unfa Wow great talk- looking forward to finish watching it later. Thanks for sharing!

@unfa @axwax
Whenever I read "my pleasure", I have to imagine it with a strong kiwi-accent, like "MÆY PLÄESHUHH"

@unfa You're doing god's work here.

You should let your whole beard grow, start wearing red polo shirts and start eating more carbohydrates, so you can became the true free software icon for the next generation! :thinking_rms:

@nicemicro Thanks! Trying my best, though recently I haven't been making as much video work as I'd want due to health issues among other things. Hoping it gets better :)

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