Will Kdenlive import a 100000-frame PNG sequence? :D

First attempt failed. I'm not giving up!

It won't. I'll have to use Blender VSE for that - loaded it without batting an eye though!

@unfa No idea I have use for a while ... why don't you make then as another video format ?

@neomoevius I've rendered a 1h+ long animation in Blender but I needed to hold frames in PNG. Now I need to encode them into a single video file.

@unfa Interesting what do you think about Blender video is better than KdenLive ? I have been using KdenLive for a while but I wanna learn Blender Video.

@neomoevius I've switched to Kdenlive from using Blender Video Sequence Editor for years - they are very different and have different strengths and weaknesses.

@unfa Cool I just want to use another video editor, I have tried Cinelerra but this program is a little bit complicated than any other video tools. In the future I may use OpenShot too when I have free time🤔

@neomoevius I tried Openshot, but it was crashing all the time for me. I tried Cinelerra, but it was super strange and I also felt very archaic. I tried Shotcut and it looks nice, however it's in an early stage of development and not super stable yet. I tried PiTiVI, and it's looking very interesting, but again - early stages, not stable or fully-featured yet. I tried Flowblade, but it doesn't do what I need and has trouble where Kdenlive manages well (like Proxy editing).

@unfa I see well I have used those programs you said before and same results. There are others profesional programs like Lightworks and Davinci Resolve but quite hard to install since they required different libraries (specially old distros).

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