Yes, it bakes!
(this was later wavelet-denoised in GIMP).

@drq Though I think that due to the nature of what I'm trying to bake right now - it's faster to do this on the CPU, because I have 32 GB of system memory - and I think the GPU is bottlenecked by it's 8 GB because that's not enough in this case. I'll test this further. Though it has baked the ambient occlusion map fine, so it works!

If you wonder how to get OpenCL enabled on Linux:
Installing a package from AUR called `opencl-amd` have magically enabled it on my system - now I can use the GPU for baking textures again :D

Will it bake?

Trying OpenCL on my AMD Radeon RX580 (w 8 GB of VRAM) for texture baking in Blender for the first time.

100% video memory used, but looks like it's choochin'!

How the funk is this even humanly possible?

"Squarepusher in session for Guardian Music"

I've designed some stickers and stencils to put on the car's body.

If you'd play a 3rd person racer with this - you could clearly see how many missiles you've got left :D

looking for linux audio rec 

Effects of porn on the human brain 

@claudiom Wait - is OpenBSD different from FreeBSD?

@dsrev I think you can use it if you have the VST version through VeSTige ( and you can use automation this way too). Or you could use it through the Carla Rack instrument (no way to automate).

My wife said we need to go and see joker on the silver screen.

I hate the place - you watch ads for 20 minutes, pay triple for everything and you can't pause to take a leak.

Also - I didn't have high expectations for the movie. Yet another take on the famous comic character.

But I was positively surprised. I found the Arthur's character amazing, and very natural.

The music and the shots were really great and served the story well.

Except for a few points in the story - it seems to hold up!

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