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Now I just have to sell my Nvidia GPU and I can call my studio Intel and Nvidia-free, lol :D

AMD all the way, hooray!

Well, this is a bit bigger and heavier than I expected... Will it boot?

It's time to replace my GeForce GTX 1060 with a Radeon RX580 and see how Manjaro will react to that.

Well.. nope!
I was mistaken. I looked in a wrong directory. The files I've deleted are gone. No sign of them being recovered by btrfs-undelete.

Gotta snapshot archives after writing to them again... so I can't as easily delete something.

That's one advantage Ext4 has over - the really works for it, but didn't help me in this situation.

Alright, so the `` script seems to be working fantastically. I see all my files recovered already, though it hasn't finished yet, so I'll let it do it's think until the end. Phew..!

Let's see if the btrfs-undelete script can help me get my archived videos back...
It's been working for a few good hours now and I can see it's pulling files out, but will it pull the files I have carelessly deleted?

I've got my ordered used Radeon RX580 yesterday. I hope I'll be able to test it out soon, but first... I'm gonna try to fix my mistake with btrfs-undelete.



Adam Savage speaks at DEFCON 17 - this is gonna be good. I haven't watched it yet though.

Pro tip: don't put an egg into the microwave.
Even when it's cracked.

Just installed Pop!_OS to record a quick video on a Debian-based system - wow, the experience is great!

Important update for KX Studio users!

The package `zynaddsubfx-git` in the KX Studio repositories has replaced the old `zynaddsubfx` package - which now comes with the new Zyn-Fusion interface.

So if you install `zynaddsubfx` - you'll get ZynFusion :)


I've started putting together an album... Today I've finished the second track for it!

I've just discovered the Auto-Filter function in Libre office Calc. It's amazingly useful!

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