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#Blender gets all their videos blocked worldwide by #YouTube. #Armory3D has their #Patreon page closed down and their backers refunded without any notice as to why. All the #FOSS projects hosted by #GitHub now have their hosting at the mercy of #Microsoft.

And this is just a few of the recent examples.

When is the #FOSS community going to learn that we need to create and run our own infrastructure as well as apps?

Support #decentralised #FOSS infrastructure! (eg #PeerTube, #tilt, #Gitea etc)

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the 500px archiving project is done! we got everything! you can find it here. archive.org/details/archivetea

thanks again for all the people that lent us bandwidth!

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The early access beta is delayed for another day, and I have decided that it will not be limited to the first 100 users. Anyone can join. Stay tuned!

I do like my food outlets to have a little activism in them 😇🌿

Off to the garden centre in a minute, stand by for succulent updates if I have a moment of weakness ✌️ 🌱

Has anyone used Kolab Now for their email/calendar etc.? I'm happy with Fastmail but being Australian they are under 5-eyes regulation etc.

Morning all. This essentially sums up what today looks like for me:


Hope everyone is having a good day 😀

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Thanks to the sprint, KDE Connect now shows music album covers in you phone's lock screens, has a new plugin for Nautilus, supports more SMS features, and does many more things. Read all about it at:


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This is also interesting from the article.

"Facebook has not fully disclosed the manner in which it pre-processes photos on the iOS camera roll, meaning if a user has any Facebook app installed on their iPhone, then Facebook accesses and analyses the photos the user takes and/or stores on the iPhone, the complainant alleges."

Sounds like FB is in some way processing camera roll images to extract data (location, time, maybe even contents) even when sync is switched off

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If you're interested in trying a new search engine, Qwant is pretty nice. No cookies or user tracking.


Currently listening:

A fantastic mix perfect for this summer evening 🏖

A fun night playing Super Mario Odyssey. Such a well-designed game!

Why did I put off gaming for the best part of a decade?

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Welcome to impostor club. We have a few rules.

The first rule of impostor club is: You do not deserve to be here.

The second rule of impostor club is: YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO BE HERE.

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v2.4.0 is 🎉 finally out! 🎉


The changelog is long, but here are some highlights:

- Better offline support
- DMs column
- New profile options
- Hide who you follow if you want
- 120% better report UI for mods
- Narrower privacy policy!
- High contrast theme
- Web Push API opened up to app developers! Easy push notifications possible in all apps now
- Performance improvements
- Various fixes and improvements 😋

The latest addition to the succulent collection 🌿🌱

I've been glued to the Nintendo Switch all week, after picking it up last weekend. It's my first console since the PS2 many years ago, and is an exercise in having fun for the sake of fun.

Mario seemed as good an idea as any after realising I may have some guilt issues around enjoying myself 🤔😁

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If I had one wish it would be a 0.5x speed option for daily life.

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