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How will the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 benefit indies?

We speak to studios and publishers about the possibilities offering by the new consoles:

"For 2019, the numbers of female gamers had grown to 38% of the 1.33bn global gaming population [...] But for Asia, the proportion of female gamers is much higher. In China, they now account for 45%, while for South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia the figure is 40%."


Eating ice cream to help save tigers? Count us in!


(the ice cream, not the tigers!)

Freedom doesn't exist on private platforms. No point wasting energy complaining. Want really free speech? Put that energy into instead!

Ideas = Nothing
Ideas + Execution = Everything

Less is usually more. (Except when it's "fewer".)

Ponders... Can a game be called "social" if its concept is basically murdering each other?

"We're seeing particularly strong uptake in social games, games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone"


Navigation meshes are cool.

The channel this comes from is devoted to AI in video games.
Fascinating and full of useful knowledge, if you're into !

To pass the Turing test, needs a limited amount of patience or a boredom threshold.

If it ain't broke... don't update it! (Except for security patches, obviously.)

"Hackers" tinker, discover and invent.
"Crackers" break into things for nefarious purposes.

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