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We are celebrating 15 years of .
This also means that I've so far painted 30 Ubuntu animals.

Thank you for being the best OS system on this planet. 🌟

"Hackers" tinker, discover and invent.
"Crackers" break into things for nefarious purposes.

All the Difference.

"No. We didn't hack *them*. That would be stupid! We broke into the auto-localisation service they all use and slightly tweaked a few translations. Lower security, instant cloud updates and super-easy to miss. A minor script edit later... Boom! Humanity wasn't going back."

In the near future, computers will pack a co-processor as standard.

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Relying on a virtual assistant is like having a robot go to the gym for you.

Newspapers and websites should have a prominent "hope" section, where they gather inspiring, uplifting and optimistic stories.

Can be considered truly 'conscious' without completely free will?

Quantum Internet

Using Einstein's "spooky" paired quantum particles. If paired particles can be manipulated (rotated or charged?) then they can represent binary 1 and 0. When separated, the binary information can be sent and received instantly, regardless of physical distance. This could become interstellar internet with no lag. (Slow process, sending particles to Mars but once infrastructure exists, instant communication across space.)

This would benefit space telemetry and thus colonisation.

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