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Artificial intelligence is fine and all... but it would be great to see widespread adoption of ACTUAL intelligence!

The best trick Penn & Teller did was turning Jonathan Ross into Alyson Hannigan!

Currently putting a lot of thought into touch interface design.

5 days away from the Internet and my productivity has definitely increased.

Now here I am telling the Internet about it and being distrac... ooh, guinea pig cosplay!


Get your #GNU gear! Our elegant classic lapel pins are an understated way to show your #freesoftware pride, and they're back in stock: https://u.fsf.org/2ae https://status.fsf.org/attachment/49278

Do nice things.

Then you know that nice things are definitely happening in the world!


Reminder: If you value developers releasing their games for , be sure to give it a review on your favourite store and say so.

From the feedback we've had, so many developers are struggling due to lack of exposure especially with low review counts.

Hello fellow Mastodonians!

This is RAMupgrade from Unflocked, here to post original things and interesting or amusing bleats. I try to craft my posts carefully and I won't spam up your timeline.

I'm hoping to find new friends, collaborators and supporters. So if you share interests or views, please do follow, boost and interact!


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