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Once upon a time, you could write a program and come back to it years later, fully expecting it to work just as it did. Now, you get an error message about "function deprecated" because the language had an overhaul while you weren't looking. Just run my old code please. I don't want to re-engineer it simply to get a screen recording for the archive. Gnarg!!! Thank you. Rant end.

Freedom doesn't exist on private platforms. No point wasting energy complaining. Want really free speech? Put that energy into instead!

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Ideas = Nothing
Ideas + Execution = Everything

options should be standard in , not exceptional. Yay for developers Naughty Dog, realising the value of disabled dollars but humans are diverse. It's just normal. More importantly, boo for all the devs that haven't caught on yet.


Just played 'Detroit: Become Human' on a Linux laptop. How times have changed. Working smoothly in 1080p on MSI hardware with Ubuntu 20.04 and Xbox pad.


More tech is rarely the best answer to a problem, let alone when the perfect solution has existed since before humans.

Instead of scientists trying to replace bees, using pollen bubbles fired from robot drones, just to get plants to grow, why aren't we directing that research into supporting actual bees and repairing their habitat?


"if seven billion people on Earth develop 'a sense of oneness' they may yet unite to solve the problem of climate change." - Dalai Lama


Less is usually more. (Except when it's "fewer".)

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LibreOffice is free software – but it doesn't come out of nowhere! Donations to The Document Foundation, the non-profit entity behind LibreOffice, help us to grow our projects and communities in many ways. We appreciate your support: libreoffice.org/donate/

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"Do these companies know that their tools are being used as tools of abuse? Absolutely."

- EFF Director of Cybersecurity @evacide on her efforts to educate users about, and push antivirus companies to detect, stalkerware. ted.com/talks/eva_galperin_wha

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