🐧 🎡 Reason on Ubuntu.

Tinkering endlessly with Wine was proving fruitless, ironically. So I gave up and fruit appeared when I tried a virtual machine instead. It's on a low-spec laptop but this works like a charm! (Yay Reason although Windows always makes me feel tainted! Glad it's not my daily OS!)

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@unflocked Good god... Here:

LMMS (grab the AppImg)
Patchage (better than qjackctl)
Bristol Synths

By the way, you don't need JACK 99% of the time if all you're doing is MIDI stuff. In a terminal:

aconnect --list
aconnect # #

The #'s are the MIDI keyboard and the application you'd like to connect it to. You can also do this between many applications such a QMidiArp.

If Guitarix would use PulseAudio, we'd be set. I hate JACK so much...

@TheOuterLinux Thanks for responding! I'm pretty familiar with audio and couldn't be without Audacity in the toolkit. Or even Milky Tracker! This was just an exercise, because I have an archive of Reason files stretching back over a decade. It's nice to open them on a current Linux system and just hit play! πŸ˜€

@unflocked If you like tracker applications, have you heard of Schism Tracker? It's a clone of Impulse Tracker. As far as just playing mod, xm, it, s3m, mid, and etc. goes, if you install DeaDBeeF and the plugins package for it, it will play those formats just like any other light audio player would handle an MP3 file or whatever. It also seems to have added more format capability to MOC.

@unflocked By the way, for , use XTC Play 097c if you'd like a tracker player with .pls support. However, I can't really get .pls files to work with it for some reason. But, you can manually add songs to a list within the player, you would just have to do it each time you open it and items disappear from the list after they are played.

@TheOuterLinux Bless you, sincerely, for all the information but I don't need help with anything right now. Just sharing a screenshot! Where were you 20+ years ago when I was struggling? ;)

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