@greenfediverse Thank you for raising this issue!

Too few people consider the impact of their online activity.

Relying on a virtual assistant is like having a robot go to the gym for you.

Newspapers and websites should have a prominent "hope" section, where they gather inspiring, uplifting and optimistic stories.

Can be considered truly 'conscious' without completely free will?

I collect fresh and (very) varied modern in album-length playlists. Non-mainstream. High quality. I also make the cover art by mutilating free images in @GIMP. Just for fun!


Quantum Internet

Using Einstein's "spooky" paired quantum particles. If paired particles can be manipulated (rotated or charged?) then they can represent binary 1 and 0. When separated, the binary information can be sent and received instantly, regardless of physical distance. This could become interstellar internet with no lag. (Slow process, sending particles to Mars but once infrastructure exists, instant communication across space.)

This would benefit space telemetry and thus colonisation.

@switchingsocial Love what you're doing! Keep spreading the word.

It's always good to highlight that there are not just alternatives but alternatives!


A toddler or a chimp can accept the terms and conditions for most software/sites/services with just a random screentap, without needing to comprehend them or prove comprehension. There's no inherent proof of identity either. Who is really tapping or clicking the accept button?

So... is this truly legally binding?
Is it fair and ethical?
How can it be done differently?

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