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UNFLOCKED @unflocked@mastodon.social

The best trick Penn & Teller did was turning Jonathan Ross into Alyson Hannigan!

Currently putting a lot of thought into touch interface design.

5 days away from the Internet and my productivity has definitely increased.

Now here I am telling the Internet about it and being distrac... ooh, guinea pig cosplay!


Get your #GNU gear! Our elegant classic lapel pins are an understated way to show your #freesoftware pride, and they're back in stock: https://u.fsf.org/2ae https://status.fsf.org/attachment/49278

About my sketchbook spreads Show more

@KeaW It's probably not the tweet! For some reason, Twitter automatically block accounts made without a phone number, claiming you exhibit "automated behaviour" or similar. Don't worry. If you persist and tell customer service that you don't own a phone, they'll relent and let you use your account again! (Voice of experience.)

@DavitMasia 16x16 is a really tight frame to work in. You're doing great and it's nice to see your creations! :)

@silverspookgames Look out of the window... Is the sky the color of television tuned to a dead channel?

@ekaitz_zarraga Always happy to give moral support and encouragement! Looking forward to seeing what you conjure up! :)

@davidrevoy Great tutorial. Really interesting. Merci beaucoup!

@kimmie Yup, totally predicted this back in February. Sucks to be a precog! :P

Thank you for sharing the article!

(if quitter is working)


Wow, you have just summed up our business model right there!

(Sharing is awesome. Good on you for thinking about a CC license!)


Bright pixel graphics
A haiku in RGB
Galaxies of sprites

@Canageek Is this compatible with a cyborg megabrain?