@neon I love your user-centric thinking!

Can your end-user customise their setup? Will they have the same hardware (many laptops have different resolutions)? There will always be edge cases to consider too, such as "universal access" settings for impaired users. And of course, 10% of all people are left-handed. How far do you go?

Mostly, you need a dev tool that feels comfortable and speeds up your workflow.

Maybe have a dev partition with Sway and a vanilla partition with Gnome for testing?

@lastnamegarrett Welcome aboard! I suggest sending this again including the hashtag "". Hope you enjoy Mastodon!

A miscellany of modern .

I've been treasure hunting in the most obscure depths of Soundcloud for about 2 years, crafting playlists along the way (each with custom cover). Now I'd like to share the gems I found out there with you. Sharing is caring!

The collection is all recent (at time of posting, obvs) and steers away from the mainstream. Please enjoy freely with your ears!


@James_Batchelor We'll hold you to that sir! ;)

(Seriously though, very glad that you're here! It would be great if gi.biz included Mastodon in the "follow us" section of the footer. Maybe that would create a little more activity on here?)


Because what could possibly go wrong with hackable surgical tools?

"Google has partnered with Johnson & Johnson on medical equipment manufacturer Verb Surgical. The company aims to have its robots connected to the internet so they can learn from each other. It is aiming to launch in 2020."


@celesteh Careful expectation management mixed with stubborn positivity in the face of overwhelming adversity.

Artificial intelligence is fine and all... but it would be great to see widespread adoption of ACTUAL intelligence!

Currently putting a lot of thought into touch interface design.

5 days away from the Internet and my productivity has definitely increased.

Now here I am telling the Internet about it and being distrac... ooh, guinea pig cosplay!


Get your #GNU gear! Our elegant classic lapel pins are an understated way to show your #freesoftware pride, and they're back in stock: https://u.fsf.org/2ae https://status.fsf.org/attachment/49278

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@KeaW It's probably not the tweet! For some reason, Twitter automatically block accounts made without a phone number, claiming you exhibit "automated behaviour" or similar. Don't worry. If you persist and tell customer service that you don't own a phone, they'll relent and let you use your account again! (Voice of experience.)

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