I suspect Andy Warhol didn't know HOW FAR some people would go for their 15 minutes of fame!

@TheOuterLinux Bless you, sincerely, for all the information but I don't need help with anything right now. Just sharing a screenshot! Where were you 20+ years ago when I was struggling? ;)

@TheOuterLinux Thanks for responding! I'm pretty familiar with audio and couldn't be without Audacity in the toolkit. Or even Milky Tracker! This was just an exercise, because I have an archive of Reason files stretching back over a decade. It's nice to open them on a current Linux system and just hit play! 😀

🐧 🎵 Reason on Ubuntu.

Tinkering endlessly with Wine was proving fruitless, ironically. So I gave up and fruit appeared when I tried a virtual machine instead. It's on a low-spec laptop but this works like a charm! (Yay Reason although Windows always makes me feel tainted! Glad it's not my daily OS!)

@gamingonlinux I very much enjoyed viewing the graphs. Great stuff. Thanks for putting in all that effort!

Dear Capitalism,

About that heavily sponsored garbage you keep packaging everything in... either give us an equally "convenient" way to reuse/recycle it, or clean up your ******* mess!

⏰ Citizens of Earth, it's the final countdown.

Unless you've got Martian money, or you're keen to live through traumatic geomortis, better step up NOW and save our home planet!

YOUR actions matter, every minute of every day. Make them count. Put aside any differences and work with other humans, for the sake of every remaining living species.Time is almost up. This is not a drill.

Can't think of anything more important to do or say!


@DavitMasia Fantastic!!! (I live in Ubuntu and I'm happy to QA test!)

Game concept:

Play as a TV camera person. Find, reach and capture the best A and B reel footage, within time limit.

Take jobs (news, reality shows, documentaries), compete against other camera operators, get paid, build career/resumé.


So I made a PlayStation3 on my PlayStation3 (in LittleBigPlanet2).

More here: unflocked.com/lbp

@neon I love your user-centric thinking!

Can your end-user customise their setup? Will they have the same hardware (many laptops have different resolutions)? There will always be edge cases to consider too, such as "universal access" settings for impaired users. And of course, 10% of all people are left-handed. How far do you go?

Mostly, you need a dev tool that feels comfortable and speeds up your workflow.

Maybe have a dev partition with Sway and a vanilla partition with Gnome for testing?

@lastnamegarrett Welcome aboard! I suggest sending this again including the hashtag "". Hope you enjoy Mastodon!

A miscellany of modern .

I've been treasure hunting in the most obscure depths of Soundcloud for about 2 years, crafting playlists along the way (each with custom cover). Now I'd like to share the gems I found out there with you. Sharing is caring!

The collection is all recent (at time of posting, obvs) and steers away from the mainstream. Please enjoy freely with your ears!


@James_Batchelor We'll hold you to that sir! ;)

(Seriously though, very glad that you're here! It would be great if gi.biz included Mastodon in the "follow us" section of the footer. Maybe that would create a little more activity on here?)

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