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So recently @ungleich we setup an #ipv6only #matrix server (ungleich.ch/u/blog/2022-07-10-). There the implication is rather funny: ipv4 only instances might actually receive events via dual stack instances, so effectively bridging the gap.

@Gargron A question regarding the LDAP support: it seems there is not much debug support for when authentication is failing with LDAP, even on debug level. Do you by any chance have a hint on how to debug LDAP only mastodon setups?

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I have to praise the quality of customer support by @ungleich

Definitely recommended! These people know what they are doing :)

We're supporting 10 now at data center light! 😎 🎆 For those who are not into systemd, there's also Devuan Beowulf, Alpinelinux, Openbsd 6.5 and Freebsd 12. A choice for everybody! 😆 datacenterlight.ch ipv6onlyhosting.com

... that toot was actually about and - just in case you manage to find it

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How does the in mastodon work? After posting a test toot, I cannot see / find it on another federated nor on the same instance, if I put my hashtags into the search bar

Warning! Do not open! 

Why did you do anyway?

What's the best way to find the right on ? I.e. when I am looking for related things - which instance would I go to?

A hard day working - now our tunnel is running and allows access to our !


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