gonna try to do at least one functional human thing but no promises

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ive had my sleep and ive had my coffee and ive had my cucumber for breakfast and now im ready and pumped to have a lazy day of doing nothing

the reason this strip is so good and fondly remembered by former pfsc readers btw is how relentlessly bleak it was otherwise

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it's been snowing all night and you know what that means

christmas is roguelike time for me bc that was the only thing to do when i was visiting my parents during The Hell Years while waiting for the afternoon to get drunk with my pal who was also visiting at the time

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instead of that, i'm considering doing new vegas again since apparently i start a run every december and abandon it around boulder city

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god i've done zero work last week. nothing. i've barely even cooked. it's all grandma

the only time it matters if assholes like the same thing as you is when they like it for the same reason tbh

is totoro a valid fursona. asking for a friend

i did it i slept at night and not during the day

every large scale company is already quite literally a "planned economy" and has been for a few decades even without the latest innovations in logistics software

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do you ever think about just fucking seizing all of uber's software and using it in the service of a planned socialist economy

people say that, right? "the shopping" like "the grocieries"? if they don't they need to start

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