Episode 62: 'Sand-Fry the Brussels Sprouts'

'The Liam Neeson Terrier'

Mikah and Joe discuss iPhone XS, Apple Watch, iOS 12 CarPlay, and Amazon's array of newly announced products.

@unhelpfuls I was going to ask if I get owned in this episode. I should have asked how quickly I get owned.

@mikah @unhelpfuls I consider it an additional own when you’re describing how good your S4 is because I have to wait 2-3 more weeks for my watch.

@dan @mikah @unhelpfuls I heard that some Best Buy locations have them, or will deliver them, sooner than that estimate. So you should probably buy three to four of those and see what gets to you the fastest

@joesteel @mikah @unhelpfuls Buy something from Best Buy? Despite appearances, I have *some* dignity.

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