Whoo hoo! Its that tine of the day I can set the brakes, eat, shower and sleep. Prolly in the reverse order today. Lol

Ever had one of those days where you seem to have to deal with so many stupid people?

Ya know, where you keep mumbling to yourself "where did I put that hammer?"

Well FUCK! Just realized I cant say 80% Google free. Still on android.
So 70% Google free!

I am 100% free from Instagram, Whatsapp, Apple, Amazon and Twitter!
I am 80% free from Google
I am 90% free from Facebook
Getting closer than ever!

Not feeling very happy about some of my fellow podcasters right now. I emailed 7 of them on Monday. Its now Thursday and I got a response from 1. Do they not care about their listeners? I understand people are busy with day jobs and such.
But come on, a simple "Hey, thanks for taking the time to contact me" doesnt take but a second to do.
Oddly enough the one that did respond is prolly the biggest and busiest in the Linux podcasting world. Must be they like their listeners.


Good lord, the sheer amount of corporate apologists, even within purported #privacy communities online, is utterly confounding.

"Oh no, don't you see they had to fuck us over? Won't someone think of corporate profits? If we don't immediately submit, how will the shareholders get their dividends?"

For goodness sake, have some self respect and stand up for yourself a little.

Thank god for #mastodon. The people here are sane, and it's a absolute breath of fresh air.


As much as we should push for Free/Libre or Open Source software, if there’s one thing I hate more than anything its DRM. DRM makes it so you don’t even own the things that you purchase.. I say that’s bullshit.

support DRM-Free sources:
#FCKDRM #DRMFree #SoftwareFreedom #GOG

I have also successfully deleted both Instagram accounts

Well I was successful at deleting 5 of my 6 Twitter accounts. The final one I cant find the password for. The last time I logged in was 2010. Dont they automatically delete inactive accounts?

Backdoor code found in 11 Ruby libraries:

- collects host URL and env vars and sends them to a C2 in Ukraine

- a backdoor accept a signed cookie file from the attacker and runs the code from the cookie


@bram Apps deployment is easy (thanks for that, and thanks to apps packager who do this).
The domain configuration is easy (for me) : i had some troubles with mine, just copy-paste what YH suggest me after adding it in Gandi manager, and it works now, email server appears to be nicely configured 😊

@bram Everything is good and easy in ynh 😄

I think the admin-interface has a very intuïtive structure, so is the user-interface. I love how apps can have the ynh symbol that brings people back to the user-interface. The cli is also very intuïtive in structure, esp since it seems to follow the structure of the admin interface, and the --help is always clear imo. Installing is also super easy. I've installed Lime (so just flash the card and boot it up) and on on Debian (so just run a command that runs a script). I also LOVE how the packages ask questions so you can immediately set it up the way you want/like it. Even setting up an app that is not packaged is easy to do and once you can do that, the first steps of creating a package are basically done.

@bram The UI is good, the account creation process simple and install yunoapps is a pleasure

@bram is ridiculously easy to set up 👍 Admin UI is clean and intuitive.

@bram installing an app is good and easy–but other service providers do it.

What is *awesome* is how easy it is to upgrade an app. The upgrade path is often neglected by cloud/docker providers–and Yunohost makes the maintainance and upgrading of live apps reaaaally easy.


Love how easy it is to convert a Debian install to a Yunohost install (paste the command...). I also love how easy it is to install an app +1 click, yo...) and omg, Let's Encrypt certificates are app ridiculously easy now! Interface is clean and simple. The new system for grading app quality is also really helpful. Upgrading through the admin interface is a breeze.

Hello mastodon, but more precisely #YunoHost users (or interested people),

I'm exploring the idea of making a survey on YunoHost to have a better understand on who use it and why and what is important to you and what to improve/already works.

For that, it would be great if you could help me by answering some questions so I can put better questions/more options in the survey :)

I'm going to do 1 toot per question, but let's start with the first one: can you tell me why you are using #YunoHost?

If there are any folks that understand armv6 / armv7 / armhf and binary builds and Raspberry Pi 0, 1, 2, 3 differences, your help would be very much welcome here :P


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