Wouldnt that be hilarious if this trucking company hauled nuts instead of oil?
Dees Nuts! Lol!

And I guess this stuff aint gonna unload on its own. If only I could automate manual labor...

Today is my B-day. It'd mean the world to me if you could help me with this - re: health & monies 

Just gave Papa Smurf a bath yesterday. Now its raining.😡

Good morning ? Are you gonna join the conversation in the funkwhale-podcasts room on Matrix?

Dont know what the link is anymore. The link I shared on my podcast for the podcasts meeting today isnt working. But I can verify that the room os on Matrix cause I'm in it!

Finally, the fediverse icon mosaic is finished - and I love the result :blobheartcat:

#art #mastoart #fediverse #inkscape

Good morning! We have lots of new folks popping up, so it’s follow Wednesday! #ff

@estoricru — An OSINT god. Hosts a podcast about privacy and security.

@seven — The beast behind #OTV, which is responsible for greatly decreasing my productivity between 0000 - 0200 UTC.

@neauoire — A true sailor that designs and creates beauty.

@pixelpaperyarn — Writer and developer that is an inspiration to us all.

@thegibson — The “not an idol” idol of the Fediverse.

@djsundog — Something is always going down the at lab. Whether it’s servers or Jazz, it’s always a toot’n blast in Sundogistan.

@ella_kane — Community organizer, responsible for bringing half of the Fediverse to #WeAreNameless, always a delight.

@jerry — Largely to blame for giving Infosec folks a place to thrive on the Fediverse. Host of Defensive Security Podcast.

@snowdusk_ — DJ for Intergalactic Wasabi Mix on aNONradio and a damn good cyberchatter.

@m4iler – It’s m4iler, my fellow Joey and motivator.

There’s tons wonderful people on the Fedi, just hang out and find out.

advertising is a far bigger act of vandalism and nuisance on public spaces than graffiti

The time has come to settle on a date so we can reserve space at the venue. Please take a look at this form to see if any of the proposed dates suit you. Long live the #fediverse !

#Fediconf #FediConf2020

cc: @lleialtec @lleialtat

Our biggest release (v0.10.7) is shipping soon with new features, improvements and innovative ActivityPub extensions.

Do you want share files in a secure and private way?

Use Onionshare onionshare.org/

#security #privacy

Please boost.

#KDE is looking for an experienced project manager to help drive the 2020 goals to completion.


It's been fixed since July, but still...

Google, Samsung Camera App Bug Lets Other Apps Record Video, Take Pictures

If you have it, update it.


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