@switchingsocial I dont know if you caught this. But just after I started on Mastodon I ran across your profile. Your web site inspired me to get rid of the big tech, introduced me to Yunohost and start a podcast to show other people like me how easy it really is. If you wouldnt mind it giving it a listen and some tips on what things I should cover over the course of the podcast. there is also a vidcast for tutorials.

@switchingsocial I also just need to give you a big thank you for your work. Its important info that people need to know.

@unklebonehead @switchingsocial ironically, your website connects to, according to ublockorigin and privacy badger

@switchingsocial @alextee It is Wordpress. Might go back to my static html I had previous. Lol. I dont have time to mess with WP anymore.

@unklebonehead @switchingsocial there's easy to use static frameworks out there, i recommend pelican - it has a huuuuge list of themes to choose from

docs here

@alextee @switchingsocial Thank you, I have to check that out. Ive uaed Hugo a bit and Ive played wuth Jekyll. This one looks interesting.

I'd recommend FontSquirrel for free fonts. Roboto (Google font) is also free under Apache licence
@switchingsocial @alextee

@unklebonehead @switchingsocial What pointers can you give me to get started on this? I too want to get away from surveillance-ware

@cnidarc @switchingsocial First thing is to check out
Then decide what apps you use and need to replace. Then go find that app on the front page of
Depending on your peraonal needs and who you trust you may not need to self host. But if you need your own personal server I suggest

@unklebonehead @switchingsocial Bonehead I'm on ep 2 of your podcast. it's pretty good. It's been really interesting and informative.

I checked out switching social. I may use yuno host, but first I want to try to self host on my openbsd machine. I am a glutton for punishment, lol.

@cnidarc @switchingsocial Just chevkin in with ya. Hows your self hosting project with bsd going?
Im curious because Ive never messed with bsd.

@unklebonehead @switchingsocial it's in a reading stage because i am going to have to make some of my own ports for packages that aren't available for openbsd. Openbsd is awesome but very limited for available software

@cnidarc @switchingsocial I see. I remember I was looking at it one time a couple years ago. But shyed away because I like to play with audio a lot.

@unklebonehead @switchingsocial I am reading the yuno host site, which xmpp/jabber app are you using on yours?

@cnidarc @switchingsocial Just to be clear, there is no app physically on the Yunohost server. I connect to mine using Conversations on my phone. I also use Thunderbird on my laptop.

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