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@unklebonehead I installed Yunohost and have my own self-hosted pleroma now, because of your podcast!

Sent emails to couple of large Linux podcasts and blogs about @yunohost this morning. Gotta get the word out about them. Yep, Im a fan boy for sure, lol

If anyone is trying to get rid of GoogleDrive we provide cloud storage on our own servers starting with a free 10GB. With a full suite of collaborative tools built in. DM me if you dont mind me knowing you would like to sign up or just go directly to to register.

And if you want an idea of what remains to be translated we now have a nice chart for that :) !

if anybody is interested in fediverse hosting I'm doing it for FREE right now. limited time only.

@unfa YES!!! We want to know how you made the drum track!

Today's stream topics will be an introduction to Mycroft AI with a walkthrough of how to install with and without using the Mycroft AI company's servers and how to create teach Mycroft new things through creating skills.

I'm going to start streaming at 8:08 Eastern which is about 2 hours from now. I chose DLive for streaming because they do not require anything more than a username and email to sign up and stream. Which is less than Twitch with there 2fa text requirement for streaming.

Google, who became the most powerful corporation in the world by selling web ads: Hey in the future every computer program should actually be a website. Don't worry about why, just do it. It'll be cool. We're the vanguard of technology or something

People: ok

People: hey why does this calendar i downloaded have ads in it

Google: Haha cool

#Mastodon 2.9.3 for #YunoHost has been released.

#Mastodon is a free, open-source social network.

Lot of adds, changes and fixes :

Upgrade using:

$ yunohost app upgrade mastodon -u

Me: "I really need to put the phone down and get some sleep"
*puts phone down and closes eyes*

Fediverse: "Psst, hey, Bonehead. You awake?"
Me: *opens tusky and thorium* "Just one more toot and video."

Well shit. Its 8pm and my alarm is gonna start ringing in 4 hrs.
Dammit, should I just start drinking coffee now?

@felix Since your the resident genuis of huge Peertube instance and I, being the noob. What is the "redundancy" checkbox for on the following tab of the administration?
Does that make my instance mirror the videos of the instances Im following on my instance?

Hello, @switchingsocial , do you know an alternative to radionomy ?

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