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Ok, I am totally confused and overwhelmed. Tor, Bitcoin, Tron, Ethereum, Blockstack, DAT, IPFS, .id, .bit, etc. All "decentralized" ecosystems with their own cryptocurrency and different levels of adoption. I get it, it's a new and developing industry. But I'm just a user that doesn't want to code. I just want to be decentralized and not be dependant on a mega corp. How do I choose which ecosystem is right for me? Has someone made a guide that I haven't found yet? My brain hurts.

I know this prolly ain't gonna be repeated but I want all politicians, all across the planet to repeat after me.
"I will NOT use this global pandemic for personal and political gains."
Like I said. They prolly won't say it...

Also did some minor digging on the Beaker browser about DAT and found that you can use custom domain and still keep the https protocol along with dat using and if you cant host the homebase there is Which is free for sites 100mb and 10gb for only $7. Not bad.

Has anybody noticed the lack of toilet paper commercials on tv?

Ok Masto peeps. I'm using github, hugo and netlify for my site. Whats a good alternative? I want to get away from github mostly.

Best Coronavirus Memes Music is "Init 6" by Michael H

These are only meant to give you laughter and is not meant to downplay the seriousness of the global pandemic. Stay safe my friends!! Stay to the end to learn about the symptoms of COVID19

Stay safe and stay home. Go to your health care provider if you feel any of the symptoms. If you are sick or live with someone who is sick please stay home. It will take all of us to stop this pandemic together. Even though we are seperated we must remain united and stand together regardless of politics, race, religion, gender or wealth. We can survive this but it will take ALL of us to do it!

Well. I guess I'm gonna cancel the Unkl Bonehead World Tour this year. If you already bought tickets, sorry, you shouldn't have paid for tickets for an imaginary tour. I mean seriously? Who would pay to see me play music?

I hear that has a Madrid in instance now.
If you are on it follow me so I can find you!

I keep hearing people refer to MeMe as "decentralized". Afaik I can't host my own MeWe so it's not decentralized. Then that person usually responds with its still better than Facebook, Twitter, etc. I personally don't think so. What does the think about MeWe?
And... GO!

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