Kung Fury: A Homage To Over The Top 80s Action And Martial Arts ift.tt/2Lh5x2m

RT @TechOf_Tomorrow@twitter.com: Shadow Of The Tomb Raider is now out and its an amazing game. So would you like to win a free copy for your gaming addiction? IF so then please like share and leave a comment to win! Good Luck All! youtube.com/watch?v=X9w58VhS4O

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Tomb Raider Makes For A Very Weak And Ineffectual Lara Croft ift.tt/2Q0Fbnw

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Is A Good Fix For The Weekend Binge Watch ift.tt/2wBt9Zx

RT @geekyranjit@twitter.com: I have changed the username for the Instagram account to instagram.com/geekyranjitoffic as many users said that geekyranjit10 was crazy I still can't get the 'geekyranjit' username there. So let's going with geekyranjitofficial for Instagram.

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