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I have migrated this account to my own Mastodon instance. You can follow me here: @gme .

I have migrated this account to my own Mastodon instance. You can follow me here: @gme .

As if you needed more reasons to avoid the private-taxi service:

Turns out they don't take the security of their apps or your data very seriously.

If you are using a free email provider (MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Gmail) for you or your Company's email (or to conduct business) you're a tool.

Stop what you're doing right now and buy a domain and move your Company's Email to a paid Email provider.

One should not have critical business processes managed or maintained by people or organizations outside your Control.

Switched my Google Voice number over to and wrote about the process here:

I'm loving it! combines XMPP with SIP and the eventual goal is to do away with the cellular telephone infrastructure completely.

It's a aware and focused telecommunications provider for modern times.

My Country's head of State is so pathetic I had to watch The Queen's Christmas message for some uplifting and motivational words. I guess I should be thankful. If Trump were to try to give us a Christmas message he'd just end up blaming Hillary or Obama and call it fake news.

TIL Kim Cattrall was Lt. Valeris in Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country (the Vulcan Lt.). Mind. Blown. Or is Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country really THAT old? Or am I that old? Sigh.

Think I might make a . Can anyone recommend a battery pack that could effectively act as a UPS for a RasPi? Was thinking of an Anker 22000mAh but those things don't provide +5vDC power when they're charging. Might have to resort to AliExpress I think.

I did NOT enjoy The Last Jedi. Ugh. Thought it was one of the worst Star Wars of all time. My friend though it was one of the best. Whatever. It was (1) way too long, and (2) dragged on. The last 45-60 minutes I was just like, "I can't wait for this to be OVER!" Laura Dern was a surprise. Always been a huge Laura Dern fan and even here I thought she was the wrong actor cast for the role. Oh well.

Change of plans.

Panda Express lied to me! Closed.

Ihop lied to me! Closed.

So it's Waffle House.

Movie starts at 12:15. I think. It might be 12:45.

Off to celebrate a Jewish Christmas! Lunch at Panda Express followed by The Last Jedi! :-)

My New Years' Resolution for 2018: Ween myself from Twitter.

As 2017 draws to a close and the dawn of 2018 is just around the corner, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish my Mastodon friends a very Merry Christmas, and a prosperous and Joyous New Year. This year has been a struggle for so many of us for varying reasons, but do know that things WILL get better, you ARE loved, and you are not alone.

🎄 🎅
For those who celebrate Christmas, have an excellent holiday. But even if you don't, please consider not buying anything today. We should not reward bosses who keep people at work on days when they might rather spend time with their families.

I see we're still calling Twitter "birdsite".


Wake me up when we mature a little bit, will 'ya?

Hi Mastodon! Long time no see. Glad to see you're still around.

CNN posted an opinion piece recently about "America's Changing Gender Norms" and after reading some of the comments it prompted me to write a little something about it:

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