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Unoriginal Moniker🔌💡 @unorigmoniker

I love snacking on sunflower seeds.

Ugh. Have to go into work tomorrow. Do I go in early and just get it over with? Or, do I fuck around and go in later. Shit.

@HerraBRE Been a longtime backer of Mailpile dude. :-)

@HerraBRE Wow. 🤔 😐 😖 😞 😟 😑 🙄 😒 😔 😕 🙁

@HerraBRE For god's sake man, please stop assuming users are stupid. They're not. :-)

@HerraBRE ::sigh:: Software developers REALLY need a security architect on their projects.

@HerraBRE If I didn't have the details I might assume something else than what was really happening.

@HerraBRE Then consider this scenario.

I click a bookmark to take me to

The cert is invalid.

I look at the details.

It says the cert was issued from Google's own CA (they have one).

So WHY then did the cert invalidate?

Was it revoked?

Was the DN forged?

Am I under surveillance?

Or was it invalidated because of that firewall rule I setup blocking connections to

@HerraBRE And all I'm saying is the information is just as useful when the cert is invalid, too. If I might ask, why do you think the information wouldn't be useful? Is it because you're assuming the information could be/ is forged so why display it?

@HerraBRE Certificate details are just as important too, even when they validate. Again, it's about making an informed choice. I often check the certificate details of new sites I visit. I'm much more leery about providing personal information to a site in the Ukraine with a domain-validated TLS cert issued from a no-name CA (yet still "trusted") by the browsers.

@HerraBRE I disagree with not showing the failed reasons and details to the user, in fact I hate that Chrome now hides them!

As a user, I want to know WHY the cert failed to validate.

Invalid issuer? Sure.

OCSP server not responding? OK.

Couldn't find a CRL? Maybe.

Only then can I make an informed decision on how best to proceed.

Change of plans. Needed gas. Stopped off at QuickTrip.

QT now has breakfast sandwiches in their "QT Kitchen" so I tried their new Bacon, Egg, and Swiss Cheese Croissant. Freshly made.

Mmmm is it good! Very impressed.

Good morning. 8.5 hours of sleep last night. Feel like I could still go back to bed and sleep for another 4 hours.

Don't feel like making breakfast this morning, and I'm out of cereal.

Time to make a fast run to McDonalds' for a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit (scone)!

@HerraBRE It's the OID prefix typically used for PKIs. The organization OID would be the next number set after

For example, my OID is

This is going to sound weird to a lot of you but I am really really proud to work for the Company that I work for. We do some really cool shit. My Company is full of very smart men and women who are just plain fucking awesome for the most part, and our CEO is actually kinda cool, too. And I work for a power company. No I haven't been smoking, and no I'm not brainwashed.

@Gargron Just continue that sentence and you have your post dude.