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Coffee is lyfe! @unorigmoniker

I have come to the realization that it's damn near next to impossible to use gpg certs for ssh keys under Windows.

Shit. I accidentally renewed a domain for another year (that I wasn't planning on renewing). Oh well, there's $13 wasted. :-(

@Gargron it's a death trap.

maybe not to you physically, but it is to your operational and informational security.

.@Gargron dude why the hell are you still on android 4.4? it's RIDDLED with major vulnerabilities and security holes. your carrier not upgrading the OS is no excuse. flash it or ditch it. holy shit man! that's like driving a car down the autobahn without any seatbelts. sure you can do it but if you do you obviously don't value your safety or those around you.

Something happens to the bacon in a McDonald's Bacon, Egg, and Cheese biscuit between the first bite - which is quite good - and the last. It goes from being good to nasty in record time.

Thought I had bricked my Surface Pro today. Latest Windows Insider Build made my Surface Pro unusable. Reverting back to previous Windows version made the Surface Pro unbootable. Turned out to be Secure Boot. Disabling Secure Boot allowed tablet to boot. Booting back into UEFI and turning Secure Boot back on fixed everything. ::wipes brow::

Dihydrogen Monoxide: If you breathe it, you will die. If you ingest too much of it, you will die. If you consume too little, you will die.

Maryam Mirzakhani, first woman to win maths' Fields Medal, dies

RIP ☹️

.@Gargron Simple. Turnbull needs to post the logins and passwords for his email, internet, and banking accounts. As well as the passphrase to any private keys he might have under his control, too.

If he doesn't want Australian citizen's personal information to be protected, then he shouldn't afford those same protections.

What's the combination to his safes? The PIN for his ATM card? No more safe deposit boxes for him either.

School is going to be starting here pretty soon and I can't wait. That will officially mark the end of "summer" (if not the season). Bring. On. Fall.

I hate summer, it's heat, and it's humidity.

My credit union has approved my loan to buy an RV. Trying to decide between a 38' in Mississippi or a 33' in Indiana. Lots of pros and cons with both.

Happy France!

Liberté égalité fraternité!

"Once you’ve used a serial console for a while, it won’t matter if the machine is on the other side of the world or the other side of the room; getting out of your chair merely to access the console will feel like too much work."

This sucks I can't login to the web

2FA code not accepted and now I'm "throttled" ???

Google WiFi was delivered today. Synology RT2600ac was a victim of a lightning strike.

So far I'm very impressed with the setup.

If there's one thing Google excels at above all else, it's UX (the user experience).

The amount of hype and hysteria in the news these past few days over suspected hackers "hacking" our "nuclear facilities" has been quite amusing to read and watch. Reporters are in a bind and I get it. Those of us who work in the industry can't tell them anything due to confidentiality or classified rules and regs, so they're left with nothing but assumptions, conjecture, and hyperbole leaving readers to wonder and speculate if any of it is true or not. It's been fun to watch and read.

Normally I'm at work by now but with today being Patch Tuesday, and the fact that my day doesn't end until 4PM today, I try (don't always succeed) to go in a little later.