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Oh, I started an account on

I'm going to look at other instances too. I prefer to keep everything in one place, but ever since I left Tumblr that hasn't really been happening anyway. So. Going to try to start looking into different Mastodon instances. I think it's time for me to really get into utilizing the whole federation concept more. I've understood it for a while but like...I just have anxieties, lol.

#gamedev project idea:
finding some open sourced games that lack #accessibility features and adding them.

If you’re stuck at home and want to contribute to the cause: 

with time, find an imprisoned protestor and start writing to them:

with money, the Louisville Community Bail Fund could use some:

offer for someone in the fire areas, pls boost 

Hi friends I have a TR1 tactical respirator I’d like to give away. It has a face seal and electrostatic filters. It is unused. The carrying case has been opened just to look at it. I would like to give this to someone living in particularly bad air conditions such as those in Oregon or someone who is particularly at risk due to underlying conditions. I only have one but may be able to get more.

Today the Denver Police arrested several comrades on false charges.

I'm going to repost the official thread on this, verbatim, below.

Might be time to expand my block list on here. That's always an important thing to cultivate. Also to be decided: how do I get myself to use Plume more?

2020 really is trying to win a worst year ever award, isn't it?

I’m pleased to announce the release of my first app made from scratch: Solanum - a time-management application for @gnome !

I’d like to credit @tbernard for the icon, and @Miredly for the sound used.

If you’re interested in trying it, you can now download it from Flathub:

What to bring when you evacuate 

Hey y'all. My family is packed to evacuate at a moment's notice. Maybe you've been thinking about this too. Here's some ideas of what to pack:

Clothes (3-4 days worth)
Water bottles or bladder (3-4 gallons per person)
Portable nutritious food (3-4 days)
Prescription meds
Personal hygiene products
Anything pets or babies might need
Important docs (birth certificate, insurance proof, SS card, etc)
Battery powered flashlights, radio w extra batteries

What to bring when you evacuate 

Charging cables! Including ones for car
Can opener if bringing canned food
Heavy shoes or boots
Blankets, sleeping bags and other comfort items
Hard drives, computers, photos etc
Towels in stuff sacks that can serve as pillows
First aid kit
Means of purifying water

Use boxes or rubbermaid tubs to keep everything together and portable, and pack these in your vehicles so they're ready to go. Don't forget to keep your tank at least half full at all times.

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Wildfires, property destruction 

People outside of the area have not been taking it very seriously.

Surprise: it is very, very serious. It's not just trees burning, folks.

Have a before and after.

So that's one bright spot in what has otherwise been a...difficult day.

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Just bought the entire Binti trilogy in DRM-free epub form off of has DRM titles too, but they clearly label any DRM free books. For example, the Binti novels are labelled as follows:

Download file formats

This ebook is available in:

* EPUB (drm free, digitally watermarked)

DRM Free

The publisher has supplied this book in DRM Free form with digital watermarking.

My mood is always *internal screaming*. Unfortunately it cannot be *external screaming* because I live in an apartment and possibly being overheard would be an issue. Alas.

white people are trying to invent Huitalacoche

this shit makes me livid. look at all the scientists in the mentions trying to justify this shit and summarily getting shut down.

I keep staring at that giant blank space on the right side of my screen. What lurks there in the emptiness...?

I'd forgotten that the default Mastodon experience this.

There are way too many columns in this UI.

I don't have any issue with the toolbar being on the bottom by itself, but it's a huge deal when it's, say, covering up a submit button.

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It's to the right in the 3 dots icon->Settings->Customize->Toolbar->Top

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Why does Firefox mobile allow its new bottom toolbar to cover up part of the displayed webpage? Shouldn't it be obvious why this is an antifeature? At least I figured out how to move it back to the top so it doesn't do that anymore.

Perhaps I should clarify that 'here' is My icons tend to look a bit similar...

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