I have a meta I'd like to write about the Light Side vs the Dark Side of the Force and how I portray those in my Cut Strings and Heart of Shadow fic, and my criticisms of the canon portrayals of the Force, but it's suffering from my difficulty with articulating these ideas.

Been playing Breath of the Wild. Am on the Vah Medoh dungeon (finished 3 before this one).

Actually right now I'm on 'wandering around Hyrule' because there is so much of that which can be done in this game.

Wanted to test video uploading, so here's a video of my teriyaki tempeh kimchi stir fry making a very satisfying sizzling sound.


Cooked this teriyaki tempeh kimchi stir fry today. Doesn't look like much, but I think it tastes amazing.

Bunnies are adorable in carefully trimmed and cropped videos but please think very hard before considering getting one. What you see is not what you get.

They are complex to keep, not nearly as docile as most think, are a 10yr commitment, and in the UK alone a whopping *75%* end up neglected or in bad health from poor care. bunny.nipple.solutions #bunnies #rabbits

Lol, there seem to be some joke accounts here. Nevertheless, a good summary of Tumblr's new TOS.

Glad I am moving away from Tumblr as social media. Things there just seem to keep getting worse and worse.

I think it's time to focus on social media that doesn't have ads. Fediverse is especially promising since it's decentralized, so if something bad happens to one server, you can move to another, and you can talk to people across servers and types of social media.

I'm dreaming of fancy noodle cups. Literally, that's what I was dreaming about earlier.

noodle cups

Getting started on sharing rabbit videos, of course.

Very important.

It happened because one day I didn't have crackers but I wanted to put something in my chili so I tried tortilla chips and really liked it. Now I actually prefer tortilla chips in chili to crackers.

Just ate some chili with tortilla chips. I have a fondness for using tortilla chips instead of crackers in chili.

Anyway I said I wasn't going to talk on here much but the interface is so fun.

I do not retract my critique of Twitter-style interfaces, however.

Did I mention DRM is evil? Because DRM is evil.

Problem is, you can disconnect yourself entirely from whole segments of popular culture, or you can interact with some things that are DRMed.

But I think it's important to be aware of it as an issue.

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