Finally found the second distro that can handle my old laptop's video out of the box. It's . Glitchy af, but works. I wonder where the compositing settings are. Btw, this is the first distro I found to use working openchrome driver. ( seems to make it work thanks to vboxguestadditions).

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Ok, I figured out how to disable the compositing. Better, but still glitchy

Maybe I should try an openbox version or so instead of xfce

Never used postman-based distros but I'm gonna give it a try

Neither MATE, nor Openbox version have made it, idk why. xserver has failed to start. wtf?

Fine, now I have 4 candidates:
1. Linux Lite - fine and fast, don't want to start from btrfs
2. Manjaro with XFCE - 10/10 fps
3. Puppy Linux - It's not serious
4. Ubuntu 12.04 - Old but gold. No support, no updates

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