I was wondering if this upper icicle could reach the one below so they are connected and became a single one. But no, it's now so long the drops freeze before they go all the way down

with on my old laptop. It took pretty much time to make everything work and a lot still to be done (build 88XXau driver, make sound work, install prettier cursors).

Wallpaper source pixiv.net/en/artworks/77904508

The odds were against me but I've made it. The trick was in building , drm and xkeyboard-config with proper prefixes. Here is my diff for util/modular/build.sh: termbin.com/pyav. And, yeah, I should've commented all the video drivers out.

The third day I'm trying to build x11. I've already defeated mesa but now errors become even more weird.

Well, at least now it's the same error as when I try to build mesa separately

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I've spent all day to realise that doesn't load a theme because there was no font. I don't know where it comes from just downloaded from the first link in the search.

Theme source: github.com/vinceliuice/grub2-t

Finally found the second distro that can handle my old laptop's video out of the box. It's . Glitchy af, but works. I wonder where the compositing settings are. Btw, this is the first distro I found to use working openchrome driver. ( seems to make it work thanks to vboxguestadditions).


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