@a1ba снесла курочка Ряба деду яичко. начисто снесла.

@w96k I mean, variable names substitution is just a single feature came from templating origin of php. It's useful sometimes, as well as it is in bash. Does it make them look the same? Well, kinda... sorta... but pretty much not

@w96k depends on an exact aspect of a language. python is a script language and quite popular in system tools, just like bash. Boom! Lua has a prototype oop and can be used for web, just like js. Boom! golang and rust became popular at the same time, both compiled, both procedural with functional features. You've got the point

@w96k well, this way you can compare to bash literally anything. python, perl, rust, go

@termonoid @mary традиционно используется boolean подход, когда true - м, а false - ж, что как бы намекает. точно так же было бы более логично назвать м - 1, а ж - 0. так что действительно необычно

I really should've written how I made this work. Now I can't configure xorg properly because vesa don't want to use 1280x800 and openchrome falls into the effing rainbow screen

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@a1ba AT&T had copyright in `true`, which basically contained nothing else but several empty lines

@w96k I know what you mean. Like in Elixir or Haskell. Pipeline operator is still under discussion: wiki.php.net/rfc/pipe-operator , wiki.php.net/rfc/pipe-operator , and i'm pretty sure i saw v3 somewhere. Some other functional features like pattern matching are already introduced, the other ones like unit-types are still to go

it's slightly different:
fn($x) => $x % 2 === 0,
[1, 2, 3, 4]


php doesn't work like bash there are a lot of differences from use cases to opcache and jit. it does have variable name operation feature, which was used in the past but usually discouraged now. it still could be useful sometimes though

oh, this console tool. just don't use it, nobody makes you to. use `composer create-project` instead, you don't need it for something else


* Error messages are very hard to understand: never had this problem. It's not rust, but still good. I saw much much worse cases, e.g. Rails.

@w96k * It works like a preprocessor: nah, it doesn't. Where did you get this?
* Inversion of Control is overall complicated: it's pretty easy to use once you know about SOLID and stuff. Its code is slightly complex, yes, because Symfony does love code generation to optimize everthing
* CLI utility is proprietary and lacked bash autocompletion for ten years or so: this is not quite right, just open github. IDK what with bash but zsh completion works fine

@w96k * Tooling is mostly proprietary: You can still use Atom or NetBeans. On the other hand, why wouldn't they be? People create tools for you to earn money
* Reflection is hard to use: Mostly, if you need to use Reflection API you rather doing something lowlevel or doing it wrong. This is not php specific, it works for any other language. Is it hard to use? Nah, I don't think so.
* PHP tries to be Java, but it lacks proper static checks: does it? Why would it need this?

@w96k I work with different languages including php for 9 years and I can tell you that this is bullshit. Mostly it's just bitching of a guy not used to OOP
* Imperative and OOP style are overused everywhere creating complexity in a simple systems: this is not a problem in php. Overusing OOP may be project, team, or library specific. Usually there is a reason why people use OOP: tests, code style, etc.

@a1ba либо всё-таки не достаточно, либо дело не в работе. тут уж я не возьмусь гадать: психолог из меня так себе

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