WHAT PEOPLE THINK ETHICAL ISSUES IN AI ARE: wow.... we're creating... new life........

WHAT ETHICAL ISSUES IN AI ACTUALLY ARE: techbros worshiping the almighty algorithm, not caring to look at what bad patterns the machines are picking up (racism, sexism, etc) and how to avert them, and overreliance on neural networks meaning that said algorithms are treated as magical black boxes where nobody wants to (or can, really) point out exactly how the equation works (and why it may be faulty)

It's our birthday today! We are now the wise age of 22. πŸ˜‹ Join us in reminiscing these past years by sharing some of your favorite GNOME memories!

I was near to my own Bed. It pleases me.

β€” Libash Tangathadil, bookkeeper


Epstein found dead, what happens to the trial material?

(submitted by MobileVet)

One person's "yak shaving" is another person's "continuous improvement".

Change my mind.

while we're at it i hate microchip for buying atmel

Folk really are threatening to make their morality conditional upon me being polite to them like that isn't a bigger indication of their morals than damn near anything.

If you care more about which side of the plate the fork goes on than if the person setting the table gets paid, you know where you can put that fork. Tines up, if you please.

Surprise, surprise, Raspberry Pi 4 has been launched!

Faster CPU, dual 4k HDMI support, up to 4GB RAM, USB type C, USB3 and (finally!) no more bottlenecking the ethernet port over USB2: full gigabit speeds!

Also: same old price 😍

It strikes me that we should probably have been more concerned about why 'HTML editor' as a software genre has just... faded away.

Nobody is making static HTML sites any more, and that's... not a very good thing, imo.

So many actions are felonies. So many are non-violent. Many can legitimately be done by mistake.

I bet you've committed multiple felonies without realizing it. You just didn't inconvenience anyone.

Support voting rights for felons. Support hiring former felons. You almost certainly are an unconvicted felon.

Detective Pikachu was one of the most earnest, honest, and unironic films I've seen in a long time. Its world felt lived in, it did storytelling through worldbuilding, and it honestly earns its emotional core.

Looks like tonight is going to be another totally sleepless night... I really need to get this stress under control

I know I know I shouldn't be on the internet, but I can only lie in bed for a few hours before it just gets sad

git clone git://git.blaise.zone/wright/dissertation.git

I love this :blobcatcoffee:

(warning big repo)

Just set up a self-hosted git server---was actually really easy once I stopped focusing on having a nice web-ui

FindChips – Get instant insight into any electronic component

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