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Why is a shoplifting incident at a Trader Joe's for maybe $150 worth of goods national news?

2 years ago, Trader Joe's got slapped with a $1.6 million fine for wage theft, and no one on this show thought it was worth mentioning. twitter.com/TheRevAl/status/14

Google FLoC is dead! Google has decided to scrap FLoC after "a bunch of great feedback from the community, as I’m sure you know" 🥳

blockchain decentralization is fake anyway. it's a datastructure that works SO HARD to create a single unified perspective over a distributed datastore, and the only way they can do this practically is by introducing enormous costs and ridiculous latency. divergent perspectives are an unavoidable part of distributed computing! pretending otherwise is just a part of their scam.

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Looks like I'm now almost a cybercriminal according to Apple

A *meta trap* is a pattern of behavior which affects toolmakers, where the toolmaker endlessly refines the tools required to do a job rather than doing the job itself. It is a form of procrastination which hides in faux productivity.

What's your primary OS?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

I love the chaotic energy of this: MSCHF has bought a $20k drawing by Warhol, made 999 copies of it, mixed them all together, and is selling the 1000 artworks at $250 each.

The website for their latest stunt: moforgeries.org/

new fish enjoying the plants in my North American community tank ♥️

i'm always someone who, when given the choice between the 'normal' way of doing things and the 'good' way of doing things, picks the 'good' way of doing things, and then it turns out the 'good' way of doing things, while technically better, is exponentially more difficult than it should be because everybody else does it in the 'normal' way and the entire world being set up for people who do it that way has more of an impact on the result than whether the 'good' way is good or not

It's a bitter-sweet episode today. @marxjohnson@twitter.com @m_wimpress@twitter.com and @popey@twitter.com discuss some tech news, and announce the end of the show. For realsies. Listen in to learn when and why.

Earlier today, #Microsoft pushed a promotional message to early adopters of #Windows 11. The promo intended to promote the upcoming operating system’s integration with Microsoft Teams. Instead, it caused Explorer (the Windows desktop shell) to stop responding and left users without a working Start menu and taskbar.

I never want to hear about ease of use or fragmentation holding any other OS back. Windows obviously isn't keeping it's market share on actual merrits.

a real phrase I just read with my own eyes on the internet "Not only is she risking lives, but also people's ability to graduate? How selfish is that, that's a lot of money on the line."

Some folks priorities have been inverted.

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