#Nextcloud introduces social features, joins the fediverse nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-i #activitypub

Nextcloud's Frank Karlitschek was an early supporter of the ActivityPub standard and I remember well sitting across from him over coffee talking about how to get our projects to talk to each other. Excited to see Nextcloud friends join the fediverse!

found an electrolytic capacitor in my shoe

*takes on 1000 projects, doesn't cull them enough*

*looks at TODO list for one single project in isolation* why am I not getting things done on this one single project

More Star Trek thoughts and tech grumbling :StarfleetInsignia: Show more

Documentation isn't necessarily hard work, but it's for sure long work.

I read some interview Godspeed You Black Emperor gave that they wanted their music to be revolutionary but they didn't have lyrics

Here's an idea

Make some lyrics you sods

@gaditb @wakest In all seriousness, I wish Mastodon had an option to disable infinite scroll. Maybe I should try to implement it.

The main contradiction of liberal democracy is that it has largely been shaped through a history of various forms of illegal civil disobedience against entrenched power structures. Such civil disobedience is retrospectively seen as justified, and the people committing it are retrospectively seen as heroes. However, each successive generation is asked to believe that any further civil disobedience would be unreasonable.

i say "owning this multimeter for 5 years" really its been owning me for 5 years i guess

introducing BRONOUNS

they're like PRONOUNS

but for MEN

OH YOUR GOD! Radiogarden is THE coolest thing I have seen! It is how this should have been!

Basically a map with all open broadcasts around the globe, you can zoom, move around and test different stations around the world, from Vladivostok to Patagonia


2005: typing in all lowercase is easier than holding the shift key, ideally I’d type properly but
2018: autocorrect demands I use proper capitalization, yet I resist with every fiber of my being

progressives: we should give trans people rights
conservatives: we should not
liberals: hmm is there some way we could make everyone happy
progressives: no
trans people: no
conservatives: why not compromise and give trans people less, but not zero, rights
liberals: finally some common sense that makes everyone happy, so much for the tolerant left

We've now published In Full Sail, our update on the state of #Solus, our project founder, services which we use, as well as our plans for the project and future Solus releases.


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