Hi fedi, glad to have some more news for you. Today we've launched our webchat and Tor onion services.

Webchat is available at: web.libera.chat/

And information on connection via Tor is available here: libera.chat/guides/connect#acc

Please note: Tor requires an existing account with CertFP/ECDSA challenge configured.

We know that these gateways, and Matrix, are a big deal to some projects, so I hope we can continue to welcome projects and hopefully we have news about Matrix tomorrow!

if being hard on yourself worked, it would have worked by now

try something else

±8 years after killing google readers and announcing the death of RSS, Google decided to integrate RSS again in their Chrome browser:

Well, we didn't wait for them to realize that RSS is not dead…

emoji nibble counting, new and improved 

(A nibble is four bits or half a byte)
0: :zero:
1: :one:
2: :ten:
3: :oneone:
4: 💯
5: :onezeroone:
6: :oneonezero:
7: :oneoneone:
8: :thousand:
9: :onezerozeroone:
A: :onezeroonezero:
B: :onezerooneone:
C: :oneonezerozero:
D: :oneonezeroone:
E: :oneoneonezero:
F: :oneoneoneone:

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Still salty over the fact that our various Gitlab instances (by our, I mean fediverse developers) still don't federate.

ForgeFed is such a great idea, and would make it so much easier to collaborate with different devs on different projects (and file bugs).

yeah im doing a revolutionary organising and destroying wall street by *checks notes* participating in a speculative bubble

maybe git push could do the right thing instead of bitching that no upstream is configured

Anyone has an idea for _simple_ inventory management? I mostly need it to find parts faster, locate the crate which contains the little baggie with the weird IC I'm looking for in the moment. Got a label printer and a barcode scanner, and also most components are already neatly bagged with part numbers as barcodes on them.

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