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To fight Centralization:
- Own your data.
- Archive your data online and off.
- Use decentralized services like Mastodon and Matrix and whatever whenever possible.
- publish to places that aren't facebook or medium (and if you must, only use central services for syndication.)

To fight user hostility:
- Use ad blockers and privacy badger
- If you can get away with it, use no-script or similar when possible.
- Stop using, or reduce your use of, platforms that profit from treating you poorly.

every time I write "import time" in python it makes me feel like a real powerful wizard

Sometimes I want to just expand all of the CW folds in a thread.

what if FAQs actually contained frequently asked questions instead of perceived questions?

What is the best RSS reader? Preferably free (haha) and able to set up boards/categories for different things (news, music, tech etc) Should I go back to Feedly?

Seems appropriate today to remember that we're building things out of sand here.

Friendly reminder that NamedTuple is a cool thing in Python

you ever think “hmm I really need a spare thinkpad for something” and then find one perched up against the wall

@IrisKalmia seems related to me but best to open a possible-duplicate issue and work with the maintainers to triage

hello I'd like to file a bug report against "futurism"

what i expected: dreaming about the potential of humanity. fully automated luxury gay space communism. the abolition of whiteness, cisness, maleness, and neurotypicality

what i got: boring men vapidly fawning over elom nusk

@alyx favourite reply I've heard to this is with straight men.

> "Dude is a gender neutral term"
Would you say you fuck dudes?

And for some reason they object.

@typhlosion haha now I want to make a small game jam that's just: design a gender input form for the twenty first century

welcome to the whomstodome
yallstdve enter
whomstever leaves

I’ve noticed that more and more images of art and photography are now on Pinterest, hidden behind a login/register prompt

Our commons that is the web is getting locked away behind corporate silos

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No one needs to starve. No one needs to freeze. No one needs to die. There is enough for everyone. More empty homes than all the people without them, more food than grocers can even sell. The labor and the materials to end scarcity exist now. It is not a far-off dream. We can end scarcity in this life.

I have been looking for a tablet or a 2-in-1 that can run Linux and have at least the touch input and WiFi functional.

Sadly, none of the usual suspects (Dell, Lenovo, Acer) have anyting. I am not even talking about preinstalled Linux, just hardware that is supported.

Not even older models with outdated hardware. Nothing.