emoji nibble counting, new and improved 

(A nibble is four bits or half a byte)
0: :zero:
1: :one:
2: :ten:
3: :oneone:
4: 💯
5: :onezeroone:
6: :oneonezero:
7: :oneoneone:
8: :thousand:
9: :onezerozeroone:
A: :onezeroonezero:
B: :onezerooneone:
C: :oneonezerozero:
D: :oneonezeroone:
E: :oneoneonezero:
F: :oneoneoneone:

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Still salty over the fact that our various Gitlab instances (by our, I mean fediverse developers) still don't federate.

ForgeFed is such a great idea, and would make it so much easier to collaborate with different devs on different projects (and file bugs).

yeah im doing a revolutionary organising and destroying wall street by *checks notes* participating in a speculative bubble

maybe git push could do the right thing instead of bitching that no upstream is configured

Anyone has an idea for _simple_ inventory management? I mostly need it to find parts faster, locate the crate which contains the little baggie with the weird IC I'm looking for in the moment. Got a label printer and a barcode scanner, and also most components are already neatly bagged with part numbers as barcodes on them.

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TFW you can't attend HR's "free wellbeing seminar" on avoiding burnout because you have too much to do and too many meetings to attend.

doing le epic innovation at the capitalism factory and coming up with 'dodging labour laws' for the 3000th time

cucked philosopher of mind: i have no idea what "free will" is. I have no idea what "will" is. consciousness? ok I guess

megabrain scientist: if we use a big enough microscope to look at people's brains when we ask them what type of cheese they want we can identify the Decisions Molecule

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*STEM major voice* I'm a determinist because my epistemological framework presupposes determinism. this is very smart

#Minetest is 10 years old! It was first released publicly on the 10/October/2010. Here's to 10 years more.

You can download the first version from here, it's a Windows executable but works well in wine: packages.8dromeda.net/minetest

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