Argh. A thing I hate about rich text editors is when you apply markup to a region, and you then want to insert a character right after the marked-up region (like a comma after a link) but it decides it decides to attach the markup to that too and you're stuck trying to kind of shake it off like mud from your boots.

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When you keep running your tests without having saved your changes

Let's be clear about this. The sequence of events goes thus.

1. Consumer _purchases_ $1000+ computer.

2. Consumer's device has hardware problem

3. Consumer takes device they own to a technician

4. Device _permanently breaks itself without the consumer's consent_.

This is utterly unacceptable. When I say don't buy apple devices, this is what I mean. Do better.

We're receiving reports of an outbreak of Thursday, rapidly moving westward.

Night is a dark theme for Earth.

Registrations on closed for the time being.

I'd much rather you set up a blog category with an RSS feed and I control my subscription to your updates, than you set up an email newsletter, ask for my email, and you control my subscription.

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Are there any peertube Android apps worth using? I consume most of my video on my phone....

These dehumidifiers are really cool... I feel like I could use these in a lot of projects 🤔

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