"org-mode is very good for writing tutorials about org-mode"

Sometimes, YouTube comments deliver

It occurs to me that Org-Mode can be implemented entirely in hardware as a standalone word processor / command environment

I'm probably not mad enough to do this

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So like an e-ink typewriter?



@herag I'm working on one of those too ;)

But it's still in the very early stages and will probably use a low power microcontroller. It's mostly just for writing my journals / notes and such so closer to plain Notepad


@cypnk @herag do you have good sources for large eink displays? I'd love to play around but I'm not sure who to buy from.


@cypnk @herag oops I found you're using ED097OC4---thanks for sharing your project 🥰

@untzag There are also Waveshare e-ink displays that may interest you and @herag pointed me toward this one amazon.com/dp/B07V3YYQF3

@cypnk @untzag @herag i’m not a hardware geek, but i have been dreaming abt this very idea for ages. to be able to write and write on a keyboard w e-ink screen.

@cypnk @untzag @herag is the response of those screens decent? like for touch typing text. i thought they were laggy by nature but have no exp myself... (ah my dream my dream)

@mousebot @untzag @herag The trick is partial refresh which is under 1 millisecond. The whole screen would take longer than that

But this trick can be used even on lower end displays. The down side is there's still some ghosting between refreshes, but that can be resolved with a refresh on page up/down events


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