queerness 🏳️‍🌈
is a kind of marginalization :fatyoshi:
but not the same kind :levar_dislike:
as race :NotLikeThis:

i like how marketing folks are like "our patented proprietary technology" as if that's some sort of good thing, not something that makes me instantly afraid of whatever trash fire closed product is trying to be sold here

Painting over BLM for "unity" or "love" is literally white washing away the racism and is disgusting

Hey #fediverse Anybody doing googless contact syncing on #android, without carddav/caldav? And if so what?

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if you ever wondered if i'm as much of a mess irl as online, you're in luck! i got interviewed for the Contextual Electronics podcast :D go have a listen/watch if you like my ramblings and stories :3

2347. Dependency 

title text: Someday ImageMagick will finally break for good and we'll have a long period of scrambling as we try to reassemble civilization from the rubble.


Favorite color? (In RGB, checkmark is 1, no checkmark is 0) 

Red, high nibble

multiple non-british people replying to this with "source?": this is happening in the uk, it was yesterday's biggest story, most british people know someone who was affected or someone whose child was affected, because all final year students sit the same exams. since students couldnt sit exams this year, the government took their grades at mock exams and the grades their teachers predicted for them, and fed it through an algorithm that marked people down for being poor


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Think of all of the folks that think that Slack/ IM are a great way to communicate.

At some point they'll realize they've created an inbox with expectations. They'll start trying to figure out how to make themselves less available. The beauty of email is once you realize that you can delete messages and not have to see them again email becomes a game you can win.

Problem is for a lot of folks their inbox is their todo list because they don't have a good system for managing it outside of email.

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Anyone got recommendations for a time series database? Mostly looking to store history of mqtt topics.

@cypnk @herag oops I found you're using ED097OC4---thanks for sharing your project 🥰

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