Have you ever spent a day or so working on what could be considered "polish" when you finally realize you should've been focused on making it functional?

I *might* have spent a couple days doing that this week.

I would increase my Move goal, but I don't usually exercise on the weekend and I often barely get that ring closed on the weekends.

Wish there was a way to set different goals for the weekdays and the weekends.

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It's always a bit frustrating when my Apple Watch suggests I take "a brisk 13 minute walk" to close the Move ring when I just finished a morning run that completely closed the Exercise ring and nearly closed the Move ring.

I used to have a nice view from my desk until my parents bought this monstrosity for my daughter’s birthday. Thanks mom and dad!

Checked back on the bird and it seems like most of the tech people I follow have stopped posting. Most writers/reporters seem to still be on there though.

Just finished watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy with my kids. It was the 3rd time for my oldest (extended versions once) and 1st time for my youngest. Guess that’s parenting done right, right?

I rarely use my phone as a phone, but today I had 2 long calls (a total of 70 minutes) with my boss. Forgot how much battery the phone eats. My battery is about where I'm normally am at the end of the day.

Might be time for a new phone or new battery, but I'd rather just not talk on the phone ever again.

Should probably take some time to clean out my email inbox. It's been a long time and probably 99% of these emails will be archived.

Hell, maybe I should save the time and archive the whole damn thing.

Time to finish off some QA testing so I can get back to writing code.

I used to be good at QA testing my own code. Few bugs slipped through.

Then my company hired a QA tester and I stopped testing my code as thoroughly.

We don't have a QA tester anymore so I have to test my own code more thoroughly again. Not enjoying that very much.

The nice part is that the time between completing code and testing code is shorter so the code is still fresh in my mind and easier to fix.

Things are starting to make sense now.

Originally, I thought Mastodon was like Twitter mixed with old-school AOL chat rooms. I wasn't sure how I was supposed to join the other servers too.

Now, I realize it's more like Twitter mixed with Email. I can talk to people on other servers without having to join their server. Nice!

Then again, maybe it doesn't matter as long as I get what I need out of a potential Twitter/Facebook replacement. It's not like my family added much value to my life via their posts on those platforms vs in actual real life.

Still not sure what to think of this place. I'm in tech but am somewhat confused by it. Not sure how someone like my wife or family would understand it enough to use it in place of Twitter and/or Facebook. Guess we'll see.


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