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1) Install Spacemacs
2) Chose Emacs-style shortcuts

guess I'm doing it wrong...

I have to admit, that I hate code indentation.
Can't we just separate logic (code) from representation (indentation)?

Me and Microsoft Windows want to stay friends.
Just because I like other operating systems more for personal use doesn't mean I need to hate other less-libre operating systems.

Windows is ok

Semester is already 50 % over.
Everthing is just flying past me :c

@jeskadoodles What else? Workparties with sympathetic friends! I used to use these intermittently and for big scary deadlines, asking someone to come sit with me in person while I work -- they can do work too, but I am less anxious when I have company. But I've just set up a weekly workparty appointment with a small group of friends. We'll see how it goes.

Lost an old friend of mine last week. His name was Kirby. Please let your pets know how much you love them for me.
#art #mastoart #creativetoots #dog #digitalart #digitalpainting #drawing #illustration #animalart

okay maybe I should just unfollow people who post content I'm not interested in.

I know this lacks nerd-spirit but my projected approach leads to very small ROI.

so I'm reading through the Mac Plus manual, and I'm struck by how alien some of these concepts must have been.

They have multiple pages devoted to how to use a mouse.

On the other hand, the OS has a very consistent workflow and design language and methodology. They can explain complicated, abstract concepts in simple ways because they are consistent.

Apple of 1985 did a lot of things worth admiring (and a lot of shit, but that's another story.)

@upshotknothole I'm in the same boat as you. I was pretty shocked at first and felt really naive.

It is interesting to see the differences in perspective and perception which is a good reason to stick around.

why are genres so super-fractual?
I feel like i should feel biased... but I don't believe any other genre has sub-genres with one band only.

Vintage european power metal, anyone?

@eladhen @marsxyz yep!! pretty much the only thing i can recommend is "don't get anything at all" or "let me spend about a week of unpaid full-time work configuring this thing for you and consulting with you to make it work in a way that will actually be good for you, the user" which, while sometimes reasonable, is still a heck of a job!

i hate recommending tech products to less technical friends or family now. over the last 5-6 years, every product has started requiring so much time and energy just to work around all the user-hostile design to avoid being screwed over in some way. i feel like the only advice i can offer in good faith anymore is "i'm sorry, you shouldn't get ANY smartphone/tablet/TV media box, because they're all now completely unsuitable for a normal person"

f*ck you, wikipedia articles who talk about mathematical notations that could be expressed as UTF8 chars but then use the wikipedia build-in math2image sort of thing.

I can't copy & paste that!
I don't have a ∈ key!

1,7 GB Datenarchiv von #Google heruntergeladen. Mal schauen, was da so alles drinnen ist.

I traveled by car (Brunswick--Bielefeld)

Was it fun? Yes.

Was it enough fun to justify 4 hours of driving? Clearly a no.

Would I travel to it again instead of doing public viewing in my hometown? Yes.

So what's the lesson here?
==> Next time I'll grab a book and a train ticket. Then I'll not only travel cheaper but also there are no traffic jams.

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@nipos thanks for the boost.
Wanna talk about believe systems?