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My current and can be downloaded as files here:

CC0 Licensed

The HAL lens is CC0 by wikimedia ; the nuclear image is a verctorization (done by me) on u. s. nuclear archive material.
I'm not sure what the copyright on the 1953 images are. I assume they're of public interest and thus can be remixed freely.

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wanted to compress a book to get around the GitHub file limit of 100 MB/File.

tbh I'm dissatisfied with git handling big files like giant binary blobs. Also dissatisfied with GitHub for ... not being hosted on hardware I own (Oops).
Somewhere in the future... I might have some sort of Gogs running.

Just compressed a PDF using Adobe Acrobat

108 MB uncompressed
241 MB compressed

What? How is it even possible?

@fullywoolly I think I'll keep this mastadon account

I'll migrate it away from a 10 min throwaway mail ( to a 30-day throwaway mail (

Sorry for not being able to promise anything

Oops, my temporary email address for this account would have been deleted within 3 hours

only noticed by accident (wanted to create a new temporary address)

I like . I'll now start using a "real" E-mail address for it and then later migrate to my single user instance : Maschinengewehre sind Kriegswaffen. Polizei soll ermitteln – nicht überwachen. Kriminalität ist bundesweit rückläufig. Das #Polizeigesetz #Sachsen ist ein Angriff auf #Freiheit & #Demokratie im Freistaat. Brechen Sie die Gesetzgebung ab! #SächsPVDG #SPD

fucked up that people keep reinventing stuff and building tons of ways of doing the same thing because people don't want to use lots of small apps to do one task since operating systems aren't actually particularly good at it, and we dont have that douglas adams "you can drag any icon from any toolbar into any other program" thing yet, and the best way we have of making programs work with each other is pumping text between them like its 50 years ago. fucked up if true. which it is true. its fuck

Friends, as we head into #Ramadan, please take special care to CW your posts about #food. Your observant Muslim community-mates will be fasting between sunrise and sunset, and using a CW will make life a little easier for them.

We run multi-user operating systems on computers with MMUs, then we run web apps and databases on top of them that just throw that all away and process all requests in a single memory space. Then we cache everything in a memory-based key-value store with a single keyspace. All in the name of eking as much performance as possible out of our servers.

And then we wonder why we're constantly getting pwned.

this seems so incredible complex. For this to work the entire memory space of the old binary needs to be emulated and re-mapped unto the objects they represent in the remastered edition.

Seriously, it would have been easier to just add official mod support API. Then the modding community would quickly flourish again, adding tremendous value to an otherwise old game

StarCarft I simulates a bufferoverlow bug that allows arbitrary code execution.

It was fixed in the redesign and then emulated because lots of cool mods are based on it

read more:

Why is it that so many news sites get positively moist over the idea of self driving cars and AI, but will never, EVER acknowledge that basically it is all just an extension of the Hot Or Not rating site trend.

All of it.

It was and is really just wrangling the lowest common denominator of minimum human attention on as big a scale as possible.

"Yeah I like her boobs. No I think he looks creepy. Yeah that looks like a stop sign."
^ This is primordial soup that an AI is going to crawl out from.

My cat threw my drawing tablet from my desk in the middle of the night °-° but everything is a-okay and working, phew

✨ Webcomic:

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A problem won't become smaller just by wrapping it differently.

Basically it's a choice between managing constantly breaking classes and managing constantly breaking microservices/modules

Management of your code base too complex?
Too many classes talk with each other?

The modern approach:
Modularize it!

Now you have modules talking with each other!
Maybe the API even got networking overhead!

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tldr if an attacker has your encrypted emails and if you have images enabled in your mail client then they can get you to decrypt them and exfiltrate the contents to them via an image tag

How Google wants to make blogs and small websites conform to the :

1) Google owns all data collected on the side
2) All liability resides with the "business partner" (the small website or blog)
3) Google won't provide a reason for this collecting (as required per gdpr)

It's utterly horrible!