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upshotknothole @upshotknothole

Just compressed a PDF using Adobe Acrobat

108 MB uncompressed
241 MB compressed

What? How is it even possible?

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@upshotknothole omg this mirrors my experience recently. Ended up getting NitroPro instead, which actually works.

@upshotknothole a perhaps more interesting question is how did the pdf become so unnaturally huge

@MightyPork Aceobat being shit.

I assume the original Link to be generated with pdflatex with the Springer KOMA template. That's more efficent than Acrobat will ever be able to do!

And _please_ after compression check if your reorganization of the PDF internals actually saved space or not.

@upshotknothole maybe the data was too non repetitive or not optimzed for the compression elgo.

Who kon2s

wanted to compress a book to get around the GitHub file limit of 100 MB/File.

tbh I'm dissatisfied with git handling big files like giant binary blobs. Also dissatisfied with GitHub for ... not being hosted on hardware I own (Oops).
Somewhere in the future... I might have some sort of Gogs running.

@upshotknothole I'm running two gitea servers (one is public, the other one isn't), it's pretty simple to setup and it looks good.
No sure how it handles big files though.

@Nihl there's a git subsystem for big files (which I never tried tbh).

Til' this day I manage big files like .indd or .psd with

@upshotknothole consider gitlab! it's pretty nice and self-hostable (though massive, as in it needs like several gigabytes and significant CPU)

@kevin i think GitLab is massive overkill for my needs.
In fact I don't know if I need a web interface at all

@upshotknothole it's very easy to run gogs.
If you want good compression for a pdf-like format, i've heard djvu is better at compressing things. Good luck getting people to use it, though.