I don't want to talk about politics here but please. Seriously. Get a grip. You're an intelligent woman you should know better

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Next up: Annabel Crabb viciously attacked by crazed scientist who also attacked Elon Musk

@upulie this is some galaxy brain shit from ole crabby

@upulie for as long as I can remember I’ve wondered what Annabel Crabb did to garner such a position in the media landscape. Nothing I’ve ever seen from her as been anything approaching thoughtful and considered.

@BernieTB @upulie Her Quarterly Essay on Turnbull was one of the best things written about a contemporary politician.

@BernieTB @upulie but the cooking with monster pollies shining their public image!

(heavy sarcasm font)

@base_element @BernieTB you know, coming from a very violent place like Sri Lanka, I really appreciate that in Australia you can sit down with a pollie and cook with them, call them by their first name etc. It's totally different in SL where everything is exceedingly formalised and that kind of levity is unheard of. But, yes, I drew the line at Morrison...because while this kind of light egalitarianism is great

@base_element @BernieTB it still means you can normalise people who are in power doing the most awful things. So ya know, [weighing motion]

@upulie @BernieTB that's a perspective I hadn't considered until now, and appreciate that there's probably a spectrum of 'closeness' to pollies. I get irritated seeing men who act so ruthlessly in their professional jobs being given uncritical free shots though. Seems so transparently calculated..

@BernieTB She used to write some sharp and clever analyses when she started out writing for Fairfax but over time, as political conditions in Australia become every more dire, she's become e facetious and elitist

@BernieTB @upulie might just be that not being in the drop trade and coverage for access makes one stand out in the gallery

@upulie dunno. I was a Labor staffer when we lost the 2004 election and I was on the dole the next day. It sucked.

@upulie on the plus side, it saved me from a career as a political advisor. Definitely a positive.

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