people are losing their minds for centrists on twitter is this place safe

christ i just have a headache from that "conversation" now

i'm so hungry, what about pizza. i shoudl do pizza. a whole pizza. calories be damned

Just said no to another person re: training and they are not pleased but you know what: too bad. I told you who else can train you. I am not your science mum

thanks to cis men for explaining childbirth to me, a cis woman.

ok I just sat under a tree and had lunch and it was a wattle tree so pollen was everywhere and ...I'm fine? so wth was last week's hayfever attack about?!

I read about uterine rupture in pregnancy last night and even my internal organs are horrified and holding each other. I knew it could happen in childbirth (thanks, Call the Midwife!) but I should not have read further. Childbirth is still extremely dangerous and always will be

So I just realised today that my hair has grown down to my hips so I guess it is time to cut it maybe lol

@sylmobile have been laughing at it like a loon for the last hour

@sylmobile no, he has to have any Tesla tweets reviewed byt he SEC before he can tweet them

it's pretty depressing if Ilic is engaged and I'm not

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