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illegal numbers 

It’s illegal to set your wifi SSID to “09F911029D74E35BD84156C5635688C0”. Don’t do that, you pirates. Don’t look at it or know it or share it with people. Ever.

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There's a lotta gender graphs but I always liked this one

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Take a moment to reflect that “the Victorian age” basically means the age of Winning, when the British Empire was ruled by Queen Wins

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RT @skylxrksays@twitter.com
Is... is this an improved version of the "Distracted Boyfriend" meme

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The fact, that #Android in "battery saving" mode is much more responsive than in the mormal (battery wasting?) one, is pretty telling. — What kind of crap is going on there underneath?
Sure, I understand it's a poisoned candy, whose only purpose is to sneak into the individual's personal space, but still it's kind of sad that such a useful technology is offered on such a disgusting conditions.

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Mouarfff, la capture d'écran qui dit :
"Dans les zones rurales, les données Open Street Map manquent de finesse."

Je connais le coin, je suis donc allé voir ce que donnait Google Maps au même endroit, c'est vrai qu'une carte grise sans détail et mieux qu'une carte colorée détaillée mais pas finement !


Voici les 2 captures...

#Foutaise #OpenStreetMap #osm

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I need to know the source of this, please share it for scientific purposes

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@djsundog The OS-9 docs, back when documentation actually meant something.

Goes from "what is an operating system" to "here are system calls you can use in your assembler programs" in roughly 1000 pages.

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Manuals used to teach you about your computer.

This job is now performed primarily by retail cell phone salespeople and internet forum posters.

You may see some of my concerns.

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(slaps roof of Commodore PET)

you can fit 8,192 bytes of RAM in th

oww my hand

oh yeah and it's made of solid steel

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*slaps the top of your hand*

you have broken so many bones in this bad boy

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(slaps roof of original IBM PC)


(slaps keyboard of IBM PC)


(slaps floppy drive of IBM PC)


(slaps modem of IBM PC)


(slaps dot matrix printer of IBM PC)


(slaps three feet of three ring binder DOS and BASIC manuals)


well, that all seems to be in order

carry on

also a splint for my hand, please, medics

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dear zelda likers and lofi hiphop for studying likers venn diagram overlap crew:

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