cw israel 

imagine defending the war crime state of Israel

girl my house has a large surplus of oil and is in dire need for democracy

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The mastoverse, as part of an assignment for a uni subject. More visualizations soon #gephi #dataviz

it’s actually extremely good to make fun of ben shapiro’s height

maybe don’t use mastodon as a way to rt tweets thanks

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The first release candidate for 2.4.0 is out:

- DM column
- Better reports UI for admins
- Better privacy policy
- Bot account nameplates
- Custom emojis in profiles
- Custom profile properties

...lots of performance improvements and more!

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it’s good to me, that I’m irony poisoned

small brain: having one mobile app where you log in/out of mastodon accounts

large brain: having many mastodon mobile apps and having a different account on each one

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