I still read stuff here but posting is like pulling teeth. Anyway here's a post I live in Toronto, Canada now.

been off on the bird site the past few days and not posting here, feeling like a cat that stays out for a few days and comes back covered in filth clearly having been in a fight

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City of London's gender survey closes soon - help defy the TERFs 

The City of London Corporation's survey on gender identity closes soon, on Sep 14:


If you're trans, or are an ally, please take a few minutes to complete this, if you're in a position to do so, and help offset the TERFs' responses.

The Corporation is responsible for a variety of London spaces, including the Barbican and Hampstead Heath - their future policy will affect many.

bringing the birdsite verified logo over here and putting it in your screen name is extremely small time i'm afraid to say

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Boost to add another pollen granule to this bat's little face

ok my stressful work day is nearly over and my stressful evening running a bar/event with one other person now looks like it will be a fun evening running a bar/event with lots of other people

i hope i can make typesetting work as a freelancer because it is extremely relaxing and my favourite part of my current job

maybe i'll just stay on social because i don't want to get sucked into reading a local timeline anyway

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the 'music in the world of islam' albums are so special. A few of them are on spotify but not all of them

hi, i'm leon trotsky, welcome to jackass

Reading China Mieville's October and enjoying it so far. Did lol at his effusive description of Trotsky when he first appears.

pets, landlords 

s/o to my gf for accomplishing maybe the 6th successful hiding our cats inside the flat while our landlord comes round. so close to moving away and fingers crossed getting a place where we are ALLOWED TO JUST LIVE OUR FUCKING LIVES.


Apologies if I fav less on this and even retract them but I keep forgetting I'm trying to return favs back to the halcyon days of having a favs list of tweets I could go back to and enjoy/laugh at/find something useful from rather than just the equivalent of 'heh/yeah/i've seen this/agree'

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